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Case Study:

A content marketing plan for a financial services company

Miles IT works with a financial services company to increase online visibility and brand awareness through content marketing.

financial consulting


A financial consulting company

The client provides consultation, and structures plans for financial institutions.


The client wanted to increase brand awareness and position its key personnel as subject matter experts

The client came to Miles IT because they were interested in using content to promote their brand and establish expertise in their field. They needed to know that they would have a marketing agency on their side that appreciated the complexities and nuances of their business. Miles IT was a natural choice because we understand the industry on account of our wealth of experience with financial clients.


A marketing plan with a focus on content creation and promotion of content via social media.

We first performed target market research and interviewed the client’s ideal customers to identify their Buyer Persona. We assessed the company’s messaging and determined its key differentiators. Then, we developed a content creation and marketing strategy for the client that would position their subject matter experts as influencers in the financial services industry.

Developing a keyword strategy for creating SEO-optimized content

Designing, developing, and launching a new WordPress blog

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Creating and posting content including blogs, whitepapers, and infographics

Creating a Twitter account and connecting with financial industry influencers

Managing Twitter, the company’s LinkedIn page, and a subject matter expert’s personal LinkedIn page

Setting up landing pages to collect emails from users who download whitepapers


A branded online presence and a significant increase in website traffic.

Page views for the website increased 49.90% over a 12-month period.

Page views from organic search traffic increased 91.48% over a 12-month period. 20.10% of all page views for the website are attributable to the blog we created.

Increase your brand awareness with marketing

Companies are competing to get noticed online, and creating unique content can help you get an edge by carving out your niche. Miles IT works with a variety of industries to develop marketing plans that are customized for your business. If you want to establish your brand through expertise in your focus area, we can help.