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Come join us!

Careers at Miles IT Company

ALERT: Watch out for people impersonating Miles IT.

Read our scam warning here to learn more.

Are you passionate about making a difference through the power of technology?

Create a fulfilling career at Miles IT Company, a supportive environment built on the values of collaboration, professional growth, and positive company culture.

Miles IT employees and blocks workstations

Our Culture

As One Company, we are committed to helping each other and our customers.

Apply to our team

You can expect a combination of the following during our application process:

Submission of Application Materials

Submit your resume.

Invitation to Complete a Video Interview.

Your video interview is supplemental to your resume.

Meetings with Hiring Manager(s).

Depending on the position, you may be asked to participate in other steps.

We are committed to you!

Our Promises:

We review every application: We read every application we receive.

We are responsive: We communicate quickly with you in every phase of the process to ensure you know where you stand.

We treat everyone with respect: We always follow up with every applicant.

We value your time: We offer video interviews that can be completed at any time and schedule any next steps at your convenience.

Our Career Philosophy


We believe in partnerships between the staff member and their manager to plan a productive and enjoyable career path.

When it comes to your career, you’re in charge.


Life at Miles IT Company

Hear what our staff members have to say about working and building their careers at Miles IT Company.

We encourage our 500+ employees to connect with their teammates through work events and employee-run clubs. Our staff gets the support they need to grow and flourish, whether working remotely or in person.

Our Beliefs

We have a set of core beliefs that all team members embody every day.

  • Family Comes First.

    All family obligations can be met. We work together to help fellow staff members with their work obligations in order to free them up to ensure they meet their family obligations.

  • You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done!

    You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done!® And It Works!!! We must each believe it as You Request. I Respond. It Gets Done!® And It Works!!! My personal responsiveness, both internally and externally, makes up the responsiveness of our entire enterprise.

  • Interruptions are Opportunities Knocking.

    To ensure we benefit from interruptions, we:


    • STOP – give full attention to the person
    • LISTEN – to understand
    • HELP – provide guidance and next steps
    • EMPOWER – coach the person so they can handle the next time
  • Working Hard and Smart.

    We each apply extraordinary efforts – “Working Hard” AND have a responsibility to uncover and execute on opportunities for improvement – “Working Smart”.

  • Our Services are a Strategic Competitive Advantage for Our Customers.

    We don’t believe in implementing technology for the sake of technology. We believe in strategically implementing technology and applying expertise to increase the bottom line, efficiency, and quality of life of the business and its people.

  • Passionately Advocating for What is Best.

    “If I know it’s good for them, I won’t let it go.”

  • Caring.

    “We are caring people who do what we believe to be right.”

  • We Start With YES.

    YES keeps the possibilities alive. NO closes the door. This does not mean we say YES to the wrong things. It does mean each of us starts with YES. Our goal is always to fully understand requests, consider all possibilities, and Help People Accomplish More.

  • Taking Responsibility.

    We all do what it takes to ensure a successful outcome. We honor commitments to ourselves, our co-workers, our customers and vendors.

  • Successful Communications = Successful Outcomes for All

    I ensure successful communications by increasing the level and methods until an identical understanding is confirmed.  People need to know why, where, what, how and when…and need it on a regular basis. They need status updates proactively. They should not have to ask for them.

  • Career Development.

    We believe in the partnership between the staff member and their manager to plan a career path, and for the manager to remove obstacles and apply resources to empower the individual to build their skill sets and abilities so that they achieve their career objectives.

  • We are One Company.

    We have many talented people providing a diverse set of services. Our customers view us as one company, as they should. We must also view ourselves as one company. We must work as a team and require that all staff be able and willing to do so.

Discover what Miles is all about

Miles IT Company is a collaborative environment where you can focus on building a career. We look to hire career-oriented individuals who enjoy their work and receive satisfaction from getting it done.

Build a long-term career at a place that supports, encourages, and helps you accomplish your goals.

We Love Technology

And helping people accomplish MORE!

We Love Friendship

We’re a company that respects each other and the importance of our families.

We Give Back

In our communities, at work, and in our personal lives.

We Are Unified

Our CEO, Chris Miles, is involved with every new hire, making us one company from day one.

We Value Growth

We believe our employees’ career growth is the greatest investment of all.

We Love Collaboration

We believe in working together to accomplish a greater goal.

Building an inclusive, welcoming work environment

At Miles IT, everyone matters and belongs. We uplift diverse voices and celebrate people of all backgrounds and walks of life. Our team is dedicated to creating a caring environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and respected for who they are.


Our beliefs aren’t just words on a poster—we live them every day. As a company, we’re committed to ongoing education and growth so our employees succeed and thrive.

  • We keep our people and their families top-of-mind.
    Flexible time policy, full suite of company benefits, and outings for teammates & families to enjoy together.
  • We advocate for what we believe is right.
    Our team members are encouraged to speak up and share their perspectives—we believe that real impact comes from thoughtful listening and understanding.
  • We champion continual development and growth.
    Through career development, Miles U sessions, and manager training, we ensure every team member has equal access to learning and leadership opportunities.

We strive to help people accomplish more through technology and believe that true innovation starts with an inclusive, caring work environment.

Traditional Benefits

These are for our full-time US employees. For position-specific information, check your job listing and location.

Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

401K with Company Match

Flexible spending account

Supplemental Insurance Plans

Paid time off that rolls over each year

Tuition Assistance

Paid Holidays

Our Awards

GDUSA award


Best Place to Work awards

Best Places to Work



2020 Largest Tech Employers award

Largest Tech Employers

Our Unique Facility

We currently have one exciting location in Lumberton, NJ. If you are local, come check us out!

Exciting Extras

On-Site Perks

Stocked Kitchen

Full of healthy breakfast and lunch items.

Jumbo Blocks

Build your own desk area how you like.

Outdoor Patio

Enjoy outdoor seating, grills, and a garden.

Employee Lounge

Includes massage chairs and our library.

Recreation Room

Ping pong, billiards, shuffleboard, and more!

Gym & Sports

Fully equipped gym with basketball and racketball courts.

Perks for Everyone

Casual Dress Code

Whether in the office or at home, stay comfortable while you work.

Flexible Time Policy

Make time for yourself when you need it most with flexible hours and PTO.

Ongoing Training

Continue learning with MilesU and tuition reimbursement.

Career Planning

Work one-on-one with your manager to define your path.

Employee-Run Clubs

Join after-hour programs with your team.

Hardware Discounts

Use our discounts on hardware for your personal setup.

Our International Teams

Full-Time Positions

In India, Miles IT hires positions ranging from Software Development to Quality Assurance (QA). There are also roles within the team such as Accountants, Administration, Programming, and IT Technicians.


With our India Positions, we offer some great benefits:

  • Monday to Friday Schedule
  • 6 Paid Floating Holidays
  • Paid Insurance
  • Contribute to the Provident Fund
  • Participate in a close-knit community while working remotely


We also have exciting IT opportunities in other international locations, including Ireland and Australia.

Part-Time Positions

Our IT Teams have a range of exciting part-time positions in various locations around the world.


Work and gain support from your team no matter the distance. Connect on-site with our international customers.

Current Job Openings

We’re always ready to hire great people! View all available positions or select a filter to narrow your search.


In July 2023, Miles IT was honored to be voted the #1 Best Places to Work by the Philadelphia Business Journal. This is the 10th year in a row we’ve been bestowed this award.

If you still have questions check out our FAQs:

Candidate FAQ

We appreciate your interest in a career at Miles IT Company and we hope that these answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions will help you understand our application process. Of course, you are always welcome to contact your Talent Scout to discuss your application and our steps at any time.

  • Application Questions


    What is your application process?

    After you have completed your candidate profile and application on our website we will review your resume and application. Next, we will send you an invitation to our one-way video interview. A member of our Talent Team reviews every interview. Applicants who meet our initial qualifications are then offered a live, virtual interview with one of our hiring managers and occasionally a second live interview depending on the position applied for. We then use all of your application materials in considering candidates for an open opportunity and we will be in touch with our decision. We aim to be very responsive with our applicants and will always be available should you have questions along the way. Rest assured, you will always hear from us with our decision one way or the other.

    I already submitted my application on a job board, do I really need to fill out the application on your job portal?

    We understand that time is valuable, however, applications and resumes submitted through one of the job boards we list our opportunities on do not sync to our job portal. All applicants must complete a candidate profile and application on our website. We use our system for most of the communication with and tracking of our applicants. We appreciate your time completing the application process on our site, without it we will not be able to continue with your consideration for a position with us.

    I have submitted my application on your job portal but have not heard back. What should I do?

    Our Talent Team will do their utmost to reply to your application as soon as possible. You can view the status of your application by logging into your account.

    Can I apply for more than one position?

    Our system only allows one application at a time. If you found another opportunity on our careers page and would prefer to pursue that job opening instead, please reach out to your talent scout. We can close the first application so you can proceed with the new application.

    Why am I getting an error when I try to upload my resume?

    Please be sure you are using a compatible file format. Word documents or PDFs work best. Additionally, if you are trying to upload from a mobile device, please try logging in from a computer to upload your resume. The mobile format of a resume file is sometimes not compatible depending on the program used.

    I tried to enter my address and it’s not working, I can’t move forward in my application, what do I do?!

    All fields in the address section must be completed to move to the next step. Please enter your address and search, then select it from the drop down. When you save it, if you do not see your street address, you may need to click “edit” and enter the street address manually, as in some geographies we are finding the street address is not recognized and saved.

  • Video Interview Questions


    Isn’t a one-way video interview impersonal?

    We can assure you we use the video interview as a valuable tool to get to know our candidates better. While we can see that from a candidate’s perspective it may seem impersonal, for us it is so much more personal than just reading a resume. Our Talent Scouts review every video so we can learn about you, your background and your experience.

    Can I schedule a phone interview or live interview instead of the one-way video interview?

    Our video interview is a critical step in our application process and we require all candidates to submit a video interview. We do not offer an alternative, and without the video interview, we are unable to continue your consideration for the position you’ve applied for. If you have reservations or questions about the video interview we would be happy to schedule a call with you to discuss the process, just reach out to your talent scout.

    I had a technical error during my video interview and a question was skipped or failed to load. Who do I contact?

    Please contact the support team for Spark Hire to help resolve technical issues with the video interview platform. You can submit a ticket here. The Spark Hire team is extremely responsive and most issues can be resolved within several hours.

  • General Questions


    Can I join as a 1099 Contract Worker?

    All of our employees are W-2 employees.

    Can you assist me with Visa Sponsorship?

    At this time we are not able to assist with visa sponsorship or relocation. Applicants must reside in and have authorization to work in the country indicated on the application for which they are applying.

    If your positions are remote, why do you not hire in my country?

    We are a USA based company and there are legalities involved in hiring internationally, even in a remote capacity. We do have employees around the globe and take pride in a diverse workforce. However, we have targeted the regions we have gained authorization to hire in to reflect where our client bases are. Our client base is ever expanding and we are opening opportunities in new countries as our needs grow. Please keep an eye on our current job openings as we continue to update them as needed.

    Where are the Miles IT headquarters and do you have satellite offices?

    Our headquarters are located in Lumberton, NJ USA. We do not have any other physical locations, but we employ people across the country and in many international locations. Our next largest workforce is in India and you can learn more about our presence in India here.

  • Next Steps


    I’ve submitted my video interview, when will I hear back from you?

    We anticipate being able to review and respond within a week of your interview submission. This can occasionally take a few extra days if we have a large volume of submissions for a position. Rest assured, you will hear back from us one way or the other regarding our decision. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Talent Scout.

    Do I have to take any qualifying tests?

    Depending on the position you are applying for, you may be asked to complete our process of exercises to move on to the next step. You will be notified by your Talent Scout if this is necessary.

    Do I need a Striven account to schedule a one-on-one interview with one of your managers?

    No, you do not. You can use your personal email address to schedule your interview.

    What happens after my one-on-one interview?

    If you are selected for the position, you will receive an offer from us. We will conduct criminal background checks and reference checks. You will also need to review and agree to our Employee Agreement. In order to officially accept an offer you will need to sign the Employee Agreement and Background Check. If you are not selected we will also get back to you. We never want to leave a candidate wondering.

    What should I do if I have other questions?

    If you have any additional questions you can contact your Talent Scout, you can also email or call us at 856-439-0999 ext 9572.

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