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Recruiting & Staffing Consulting

Attract the best and brightest candidates and nurture them through the hiring process to grow your company.


Receive expert guidance and hire awesome people

Connecting with the right candidates doesn’t have to be time-consuming or stressful.
Our straightforward approach covers all stages of the candidate journey for maximum benefits for both you and the talent.


Our process:

♦ Initial engagement
♦ Positive candidate experience
♦ Smooth hiring and onboarding
♦ Reporting and intelligence

Attract the right audience

Reach talented candidates by defining your brand and updating your messaging.

Employer Brand Messaging

Determine your authentic identity and Employee Value Proposition to set yourself apart.

Company Culture

Display specific information about your unique teams and environment on digital platforms.

Employee Testimonials

Showcase your employees’ reviews to foster human connection and transparency.

Recruitment Plan

Develop a goal-oriented timeline to help you generate excellent prospective candidates.

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Craft a seamless candidate experience

Smart technology connects you with any candidate, anywhere, at any time.

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Software

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Locate the correct resumes, profiles, and other information quickly to aid communication and efficiency.

Video Interview Software

Give candidates the flexibility to answer questions on their own time using tools like Spark Hire.

Automated Communication

Provide respect and support to candidates by automating follow-up reminders and check-ins to ensure clarity.

Video Conference Software

Interview candidates remotely in a secure video setting, while leveraging features like screen sharing for better discussion.

Streamlined hiring and onboarding


We’ll help you welcome your new hires to the team and build connections right away.


Impressive offer materials

Make your offer letter templates an integral part of your strategy by clearly aligning them with your brand.

Smooth systems integration

Easily sync candidate information between your ATS software and your company’s HR and ERP software.

Supportive orientation and welcome plan

Learn how to structure orientation sessions and provide relevant company information to new hires.

Indicative reporting and intelligence

Correlate efforts and spend to new employees to analyze the ROI of recruitment marketing.

Candidate quality

Ensure you reach exceptional people who are excited to learn and embody your business’s core values.


Calculate the amount of time it takes to fill a position from post date to orientation.

Capacity planning

Forecast future staffing needs and prepare your teams for growth.

Ongoing employee engagement and retention

Motivate your people and help them succeed in their careers.

Continued Education

Encourage lifelong learning by making it possible for team members to gain relevant experience.

Career Development

Provide opportunities for increased responsibility and advancement in your company.

Volunteer Time Off

Empower your employees to serve and contribute to community well-being.


Raving Fans

We are not satisfied if you are just satisfied. We want you to be a
Raving Fan as a result of providing the absolute best service!

Lori Martinez

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Google Icon2 years ago

My company has an account with Miles IT. Whenever we run into an “IT” issue, they are right on it and have very knowledgeable staff to fix all our issues. I love that they are so quick to respond, especially for remote work. Their responsiveness makes all the difference.

Cheyenne Alvis

star rating icons
Google Icon2 years ago

an absolutely Fabulous company to deal with. The analysts are experts at their craft. Fast, concise, professional and extremely reliable. I consider them in high value and recommended regard. Thank you again to the entire team at Miles.

Anthony Scialabba

star rating icons
Google Icon2 years ago

We have worked with Miles IT for years. I have found its employees to be responsive, courteous and generally knowledgeable.

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