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Construction & Contracting

Build quality outcomes with enhanced business systems

Simplify your project processes without cutting corners.

With the right IT infrastructure, mobile technologies, and communication methods, you can keep your team aligned and deliver excellent results.

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Streamlined Project Management

Gain clarity across all of your projects.

  • Infrastructure Upgrades

    Update your IT environment to securely store data and better support operations.

  • Contract Organization

    Digitize and share contracts with customers, subcontractors, and others for transparent understanding.

  • Scheduling System

    Synchronize your calendars for an up-to-date view of project timelines for internal and external use.

  • Surveying Software

    Utilize design programs to plan and visualize completed projects.

  • Asset Management

    Monitor all equipment and track the location of each asset at all times.

Outstanding on-site support

Equip workers with the best technologies for continued success.

Mobile Technologies

Provide on-site workers with smart apps, portals, and more that can be accessed without an Internet connection.

GPS Systems

Track company equipment locations and assist workers in reaching their destinations on time.

Time Tracking


Manage all job durations for transparent project timelines and billing.

Case Study

See how we helped this multi-location customer

Being geographically segmented, this customer needed an IT support partner who could quickly learn their infrastructure and provide 24/7 support. Read how we provide ongoing support and technology consulting so they can stay ahead in their industry.

Increased Efficiency

Automate manual processes to save time and reduce costs.

Digital transformation

Make the transition from written processes to simplified, digital procedures.

Billing and accounting

Create a smooth integration between your time tracking and billing software and set up automatic invoicing.

Quality management

Implement checks and balances in your software system to ensure oversight.

Expanded reach and communication

Optimize your platforms to reach customers, manage subcontractors, and more.

Project Galleries

Upload new project photos and videos to your website to showcase your best work.

Localized SEO

Target specific geographic keywords on your website so potential customers can find your business.

Streamlined Conversations

Organize discussions with customers, subcontractors, and vendors so projects can move forward seamlessly.


Raving Fans

We are not satisfied if you are just satisfied. We want you to be a
Raving Fan as a result of providing the absolute best service!

Lori Martinez

star rating icons
Google Icon2 years ago

My company has an account with Miles IT. Whenever we run into an “IT” issue, they are right on it and have very knowledgeable staff to fix all our issues. I love that they are so quick to respond, especially for remote work. Their responsiveness makes all the difference.

Cheyenne Alvis

star rating icons
Google Icon2 years ago

an absolutely Fabulous company to deal with. The analysts are experts at their craft. Fast, concise, professional and extremely reliable. I consider them in high value and recommended regard. Thank you again to the entire team at Miles.

Anthony Scialabba

star rating icons
Google Icon2 years ago

We have worked with Miles IT for years. I have found its employees to be responsive, courteous and generally knowledgeable.