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We handle your software needs so you can focus on impactful growth

If your current team isn’t meeting your expectations or is no longer available, we can quickly learn the nuances of your system and take it to a higher level. Support daily operations and add new features to ensure your software team drives your business vision forward.

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Ensure your software runs the way you do

Expand support and introduce new functionality to your software. We can work alongside your team or take full responsibility for the support and advancement of your systems.



Secure your systems, improve performance, and achieve greater efficiency with our ongoing support and proactive services.


Align your software with changing needs by adding new features & functionality and leveraging innovative technologies.


Modernize, rebuild, or replace your system to increase usability for your team and improve alignment with your current business objectives.


Supplement the capabilities of your in-house team by working with our development, security & performance experts.


Improving service delivery with security and performance updates

This client sought help after discovering security vulnerabilities and performance issues within their software application. Because the solution was an indispensable aspect of their workflows, it was critical to resolve the problems.


We provided analysis, consulting, and solution implementation so the client could optimize their application and maintain their growth trajectory.


Enhance client experiences and accelerate internal processes

Prioritize advancements that maximize the capabilities and value of existing systems.

Back Office System Support & Advancements

Expedite key business workflows through process improvement and system customizations.

System Integrations

Automate connections among your systems and ensure the right people can access the right information at the right time.

Web Portals

Streamline online communications between your internal staff, customers, partners, and vendors.

SaaS Product Enhancements

Keep your product performing optimally and scaling over time to meet the changing needs of your user base.

Mobile Apps

Incorporate new mobile capabilities and improve the user experience of your mobile apps to enhance value and scalability.

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

Create or improve dashboards and reports for easy visualization, understanding, & decision-making.


Achieve redundancy and scalability with full oversight

We manage the technology so you can focus on your business. Receive 24/7 support from experts who thoroughly understand your system, needs, and industry, with backup staff available for complete coverage.

Strategic Consulting

Software Helpdesk

Performance Analysis & Monitoring

Production System Support & Maintenance

Compliance & Audit Assistance

Database Maintenance & Optimization

Reliable, Scalable Cloud Hosting

Technology Partner Management

Wish List Management


Fast-running systems that prioritize security & performance

With specialties in the following technologies, we work with any existing custom software system created by another party.


Ensure your business takes advantage of the best tools to move forward.


C#  |  Javascript  |  Typescript  |  HTML/CSS  |  PHP  |  Java


.NET  |  Angular  |  iOS  |  Android  |  Ionic  |  Laravel


MS SQL  |  MySQL  |  PostgreSQL  |  Oracle  |  MongoDB  |  Azure SQL  |  AWS RDS


Azure  |  Amazon AWS   |  Windows  |  Linux  |  Docker


Dedicate more time to valuable business opportunities

Spend less time struggling with your software and more time executing your business’s growth initiatives.


Business & Systems Analysis

We work to understand how your systems sustain daily business operations so you can receive assistance specifically tailored to your needs.

Detailed Technical Audit

Our team determines key aspects of your systems, like software components, database entities, and hosting environments, to guide recommendations for functional and technical improvements.

Security Assessment

Identify potential security risks & compliance issues through a preliminary assessment so you can safeguard against threats and protect valuable data.

Review Support Scenarios & Future Needs

Evaluate support history, open issues, and user requirements to ensure proposed support levels align with actual needs.

Review Recommendations & Plan

Gain comprehensive recommendations that reflect your business goals and the role of your software systems.


Raving Fans

We are not satisfied if you are just satisfied. We want you to be a
Raving Fan as a result of providing the absolute best service!

Scott Stegenga

star rating icons
Google Icona week ago

Really responsive and helpful team that we work with in our SMB. They help with explanations to we regular folks and are open to any and all new ideas we propose. Thanks guys

Kevin McCarthy

star rating icons
Google Icona year ago

Outstanding experience! Very professional and thorough and I couldn’t be more impressed with Miles and their recommendations! John Horner is a rockstar. Look forward to continuing to work with miles tech on future projects!

Cheyenne Alvis

star rating icons
Google Icon2 years ago

an absolutely Fabulous company to deal with. The analysts are experts at their craft. Fast, concise, professional and extremely reliable. I consider them in high value and recommended regard. Thank you again to the entire team at Miles.

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