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IT Training Program




We believe in hard work, merit-based progression and a healthy work-life balance. We offer you the challenge of learning, developing new skills and working with a team of people who are passionate about what they do.


You will love this class if…

  • You have a passion for IT and a strong interest in starting or continuing a career in IT.
  • You are very comfortable with basic IT concepts and are already the go-to for your friends and family.
  • You want to experience hands on access to a variety of advanced technologies outside of the class lectures.
  • You are very comfortable with regular use of a computer and are willing to search for answers on your own when necessary.
  • You have access to a computer running Windows or Mac OS X with internet access. *This is necessary for homework assignments.
  • You understand that while the course instructor will be available to assist after each class session, they cannot individually tutor students.

Tier 1 Helpdesk Training Program Details:

30 hours of training, 20 hours of self-paced learning
Location: Classes will be held remotely

  • Monday, 6pm-8:30pm EST
  • Wednesday, 6pm-8:30pm EST
  • Thursday, 6pm-8:30pm EST

Dates: We offer several classes throughout the year. Please select your preferred date using the sign-up link.
Necessary items: A computer running Windows or Mac OS X with internet access is required for homework assignments. A Chromebook, for example, is insufficient.

marketing graphic design team

it team

bss team

Subject Matter:

  • Remote support
  • Desktop technology and troubleshooting
  • Network technology and troubleshooting
  • Server technology and troubleshooting
  • Cloud service technology and troubleshooting
  • Remote support scenarios


  • Successful completion requires attendance at ALL training sessions, successful completion of final support scenarios
  • Upon completion, a certificate will be provided
  • Students who complete and excel in this course could be offered an exciting opportunity to interview with Miles IT!

Apply now for our IT Training Program

Please click the link below to begin your application:

IT Training Program

A Company Of Caring Friends

Miles IT has consistently been recognized as a Best Place to Work. We strive to provide a fun and friendly work environment and believe that hard work and happiness can go hand-in-hand.


Whether you work remotely or in person, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with teammates at company events, pursue common interests in our employee-run clubs, and support and encourage each other’s career development.

Building an inclusive, welcoming work environment

At Miles IT, everyone matters and belongs. We uplift diverse voices and celebrate people of all backgrounds and walks of life. Our team is dedicated to creating a caring environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and respected for who they are.


Our beliefs aren’t just words on a poster—we live them every day. As a company, we’re committed to ongoing education and growth so our employees succeed and thrive.

  • We keep our people and their families top-of-mind.
    Flexible time policy, full suite of company benefits, and outings for teammates & families to enjoy together.
  • We advocate for what we believe is right.
    Our team members are encouraged to speak up and share their perspectives—we believe that real impact comes from thoughtful listening and understanding.
  • We champion continual development and growth.
    Through career development, Miles U sessions, and manager training, we ensure every team member has equal access to learning and leadership opportunities.

We strive to help people accomplish more through technology and believe that true innovation starts with an inclusive, caring work environment.

Company Benefits

Are You Driven To Accomplish More and Able To Prove It?

Miles IT is a group of highly motivated people who believe in working together to accomplish more.