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Building a strong brand presence and content strategy

Miles IT works with a manufacturing company to develop their unique brand, create targeted content for specific audiences, and nurture leads through the sales process.



A manufacturing and distribution company

Miles IT works with a manufacturing company to develop their unique brand, create targeted content for specific audiences, and nurture leads through the sales process.


The client needed to target specific industries and clearly communicate relevant information.

Since they are part of a very niche industry, the client wanted to tailor their marketing efforts to differentiate from competitors, reach specific audiences, and engage with leads.

Goal #1

Strengthen brand presence by clearly conveying key differentiators.

Goal #2

Create professionally written and designed materials to share with prospects in their target audience.

Goal #3

Engage with leads in specific industries and nurture them through the sales process.


A comprehensive marketing plan

We amplified the client’s marketing efforts by building their unique brand, crafting a robust content strategy, and engaging with quality leads.

Brand Identity

We spent time defining the client’s brand so we could make the best recommendations for messaging, communication methods, and more.

Content Marketing Strategy

We create informative content pieces that provide details about the client’s solutions and establish their expertise.

Lead Nurturing

We create informative content pieces that provide details about the client’s solutions and establish their expertise.


Develop buyer personas and build a unique brand

Our research on the client’s competitors and industry allowed us to present a plan with suggested messaging, differentiators, and more.

A person is searching the web for a certain product which is being drawn to them with a magnet. This person is being researched by someone else as a buyer persona for that product's company
  • Brand Themes & Focus Areas


    By interviewing the client’s internal staff and loyal customers, we identified common themes and unique aspects of their brand.

  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis


    We determined key points of the client’s industry and market as well as researched competitors to evaluate the success of their website and branding.

  • Detailed Buyer Personas


    From our research, we created in-depth profiles of the client’s target buyers so we could focus on the most impactful communications and strategies.

  • Key Differentiators


    Our recommendations for the client included suggested messaging, positioning statement, and specific brand descriptor words to take their company to the next level.


Create content that converts

With educational content published in a variety of different formats, prospects can engage with materials in a way that’s best for them.

  • We optimized blog posts for SEO by enhancing the content and implementing cross-links to relevant webpages.

  • Our team created live-action videos of the client’s facility as well as an animated video targeting a specific industry.

  • We revamped existing product pages to include more detail, optimize for key terms, and convey the client’s differentiators.

  • To share detailed information with specific audiences, we designed and developed downloadable eGuides.

  • We created a comprehensive webpage with an animation, infographic, and more to call attention to an important topic.

Promote content and engage with prospects

With targeted email workflows, we can connect with the right people at the right time and nurture them through the sales process.

Consistent Email Campaigns

We create and send a quarterly newsletter that recaps the client’s current highlights, recent content, specific solutions, and upcoming trade shows.

Marketing Automation

We manage the client’s workflows, landing pages, and more, and have worked with them on HubSpot, Pardot, and Salesforce platforms.

Email Workflows

Each of the client’s downloadable eGuides has an associated email workflow to promote better engagement with prospects and provide more information.

Print Materials

When the client appears at trade shows, we design printed banners and send out email communications promoting the show. We also engage with attendees over email after the event.

Targeted Email Marketing

To connect with potential clients, we research specific companies, curate contact lists for relevancy, and write unique email workflows for each list.

Sales Team Support

We assist the client’s sales team by engaging and nurturing leads, sending relevant contacts to their sales CRM, and building contact lists for cold calls.


Established brand, competitive assets, and increased traffic

The client continues to work with us for all of their marketing needs and has seen great success as a result.

Strong brand presence

  • Modern, impressive website that stands out in their industry
  • Positioning as a subject matter expert and authority in their field
  • Improved messaging & communications that resonate with their target audience

Impressive library of company assets

  • Users can peruse detailed resources related to their specific needs
  • Sales reps can share relevant assets during communications with prospects
  • Increased opt-ins to downloadable content offers

Increase in relevant leads

  • SEO-optimized website content drove significant quantity of leads
  • Increased efficiency of sales process by curating contact lists and notifying sales team about follow-ups
  • Continuous nurturing of existing customers and prospects results in valuable leads

Growth in website traffic

  • Traffic from organic search increased by 30% after our overhaul of website content
  • Achieved higher rankings, featured snippets, and greater visibility on Google search results


Ongoing marketing plan

For over 10 years, we’ve served as the client’s full-service marketing agency. We provide complete website security & maintenance and social media management in addition to our branding, content, and advertising services.

Four individuals collaborating on a writing project using their notebooks and laptops