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Standards company expands partnerships with custom software integration

Miles IT helps GS1 increase efficiency and improve partner workflows with a custom solution that streamlines order processing and fulfillment.



Issuing & distributing product identifiers

GS1 is most famous for creating the standard for unique product identifiers used in many products worldwide. They offer Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) and Global Location Numbers (GLN) for companies looking to power their supply chains.


Connecting partners and identifier distribution channels

GS1 previously provided product identifiers directly to organizations and discovered a new opportunity to sell them through their partners.

  • Primary Goal


    GS1 sought a streamlined, accessible way to increase partnerships and seamlessly integrate their data distribution processes into their partners’ eCommerce workflows.

  • Previous Partnership


    Our team already had a positive working relationship with the client after successfully completing other high-profile and complex projects for them.

  • Quality Collaboration


    When GS1 reached out looking for help, we were ready to provide in-depth consultation and build their solution.


Process improvement & partnership growth

The client’s objective was to streamline processes and increase partnerships with the new solution. However, the quick turnaround time made this project unique; GS1 requested that we design, develop, and launch the system into production quickly.

Increase Efficiency

The new system was meant to expand reach while maintaining a streamlined, systematic order-processing approach.

Improve Reliability

GS1 wanted to achieve accuracy and resiliency while creating less work for staff with a system that ran as it should and mitigated errors.

Establish Visibility

To improve order fulfillment, GS1 aimed to enable valuable insights and quick action through real-time updates and processing.


Vision to Reality consultation & planning

The client needed an easily implementable solution that offered a streamlined procedure for order processing. Our Vision to Reality approach ensured that their new system met their specifications and accomplished their target goals.


Integrated order fulfillment processes

From the initial order submission to payment processing to order processing and fulfillment, our solution offers end-to-end workflows to help customers receive their product identifiers while only requiring minimal effort from the GS1 team.

  • PayPal Checkout

    A streamlined payment approach through PayPal improves ease of use and payment security, along with triggering the next workflow in the process to start generating identifiers.

  • Partner “Order API” Integration

    To increase efficiency and simplify order submission and fulfillment, partners can integrate available endpoints into their eCommerce websites.

  • Order Fulfillment

    The solution refines the order fulfillment process by automatically capturing payment & customer information and sending automatic emails to customers that allow them to download their files.

  • Sandbox & Demo Environments

    With these environments, partners can test the Order API integration, and GS1 can attract new partners by demonstrating the connected workflows.

  • Reporting & Resilience

    With real-time reports, the GS1 team can view up-to-date order information and statuses to ensure orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. API checks and validations ensure the system runs as expected.


GS1 Software


Expanded reach and simplified workflows

Now, GS1 can reach more partners, help customers receive product identifiers more easily, and achieve their company mission of increasing the use of their standards.

Attract More Partners

With this solution’s easy implementation and use, GS1 can broaden partner networks and increase recognizability in their industry.

Higher Industry Efficiency

Besides reducing manual effort and improving their business’ productivity, this process helps supply chains working with products improve their tracking efforts.

Increased Adoption of Standards

Simplifying the partnership approach allows GS1 to foster widespread adoption of their standards, which is their core company mission. 


Continual solution advancement

Now that the development process is complete, GS1 actively seeks to expand the capabilities of their current solution.

In the future, they are looking to incorporate more products, additional eCommerce & Payment solutions, and supplemental features to optimize processes further.