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A Custom software system and app transforms operation support for field services company

Miles IT helped RCH, a national, face-to-face field services company, empower their operations team to accomplish more by building a new system that could evolve as new processes and needs arise. RCH increased productivity, achieved smarter reporting, and strengthened the overall support of their team.



Building an advanced, modern software system

RCH came to Miles IT with a need to build a new software system to optimize daily operations. RCH wanted a system that could support its existing solutions and facilitate future opportunities to help RCH grow. The goals for supporting and evolving RCH’s solutions were as follows:


Evolve the system to support significant new business area processes


Provide support to existing team members.


Refine the existing functionality as RCH’s business processes and needs have changed.


Onboard new users as new features are added to support their areas of the business.


Develop integrations with external systems.

Ongoing Consultation

Provide ongoing consultation and performance optimization.

The Solution: Enhancements and Added Features

New software system transforms operational support

Miles IT helped facilitate a major evolution of a custom business software system for RCH intended to provide support for its operations team. After the initial build of the system, numerous significant enhancements were identified, designed, developed, and implemented into the system. Some of the major areas that were added are noted below:

Animated image of map
  • Field Mobile App
  • Time Tracking
  • Expense Management
  • Employee Location Mapping
  • Margin Reporting
  • Bi-directional Payroll Integrations
  • Business Intelligence Reporting

The original system quickly provided significant value to the RCH team, and they made a decision to use this system as a platform for many other aspects of their business. Miles IT also hosts the application in our Miles Cloud Hosting data center and provides help desk support to over 1,500 active system users across the US.


Productivity is through the roof

RCH is impressed by the system’s new features and has conveyed it saves at least a dozen people’s worth of productivity. This allows RCH to run leaner without adding employees or hindering performance. The reporting provides valuable insights into their operations, which improve strategic decision making.


RCH now has a system that will support its growth and help give it a strategic competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving marketplace.
Miles IT continues to provide a comprehensive package of ongoing support services that allows RCH to manage a business-critical, complex, and high volume system with limited IT staff.

Enhanced Productivity

The new system significantly reduced errors, redundancies, and technology challenges that prevented team members from completing tasks in a timely manner.

Business Intelligence

The reporting features of the system provide insights to RCH’s management team, which allows them to analyze data and make smarter business decisions.


Ongoing Support

As a part of the Miles Support & Evolve Plan, RCH receives ongoing support services to reduce IT overhead and maintain the integrity of the system, while identifying new ways to advance it.

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Project Highlights

  • Employee Location Map for tracking.

  • Expense Approval Dashboard to expedite accounting processes.

  • Margin Report for optimized financial reporting.