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An independent grocer installs new self-checkout machines

Miles IT helped a sixth-generation family-owned grocery store in Pennsylvania provide a more flexible customer experience by adding five self-checkout machines that feature an intuitive interface and custom POS functionality through the LOC software platform. Customers now have greater control of their shopping experience, enabling the client to reduce expenses and better allocate staff.


Woman pays at self-checkouts in supermarket


Customers wanted more control at checkout

The client came to Miles IT with a need to implement self-checkout technology in several checkout lanes. While the project was considered for a while, it became necessary to install self-checkout systems after the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a self-checkout system installation project is a significant investment, the client required a partner who could deliver a turnkey solution that addressed their specific needs and minimized disruptions and customer confusion. The client had worked with Cash Register Systems, which is now a part of Miles IT, for multiple decades. Cash Register Systems had previously developed a custom POS system on LOC POS software for the client that supported their sales and promotions and served as a trusted consultant on various POS technology projects.
Miles IT needed to provide the client with a cost-effective self-checkout system that could run on the current LOC POS software but with limited functionality to restrict customer access. The self-checkout kiosks would also need to be easy to use and troubleshoot if issues occurred.


Installing new self-checkout POS technology

Our POS expert presented the client with our new LOC self-checkout machines that were designed through decades of experience working with Point of Sale hardware and software. The latest LOC self-checkout system is in its fifth generation and was designed to do everything needed to facilitate a positive checkout experience.
Unlike other self-checkout systems, the LOC self-checkout system we recommended does not have a weight-sensitive bagging area. This is intentional to avoid errors and long wait times that could increase customer frustration and cause them to avoid using the self-checkout system on future visits. The self-checkout systems are credit/debit only to reduce maintenance and their cost overall.
Customers do have the option of suspending transactions on the self-checkout system to have a cashier ring them up if they do want to pay by cash, EBT, or other methods other than credit or debit.


  • Full scanner scale
  • Touchscreen
  • Payment pinpad
Self-Checkout Machine


A better grocery shopping experience

Customer adoption of the five new LOC self-checkouts has been smooth, and customers now feel more in control, creating a better overall shopping experience. The client assigns an attendant to monitor the self-checkouts for security and transaction issues but has more flexibility to assign staff to other non-automated tasks, like stocking the shelves.

Customers still have the option to use Express or Regular checkout lanes to checkout, but the new self-checkout area provides them with an additional option that should remain even after the pandemic is over. As an ongoing partner, Miles IT continues to provide support and consultation to the client when asked.

Greater Efficiency

The client can utilize staff better to address ongoing needs, like stocking shelves and helping customers, as fewer employees are needed to ring people up.

Reduced Lines

Customers with smaller carts can choose to self-checkout, reducing lines and wait times and allowing customers paying with cash or EBT cards to use Regular or Express lanes.


Self-checkout systems allow customers to control how much they interact with people and reduce lines and wait time to limit exposure and encourage social distancing.

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