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A real estate broker adds unlimited IT support plan

Miles IT helps a commercial real estate company to maintain a competitive edge by providing monthly analysis and consulting of their business technology.

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A commercial real estate broker

The client is a commercial real estate broker with four offices located throughout the Delaware Valley. Their current technology environment includes a mix of cloud and local systems. The primary applications they use are cloud-based; however, the email system and a large portion of their file sharing is hosted in-house.


Outgrowing a previous IT provider

Over the years, the client’s technology started to lag behind the competition. Their IT provider at the time was no longer able to keep up with the growth or business technology needs of the company. The client came to Miles looking to optimize their current technology environment and to maintain up-to-date technologies.

IT Support


Reviewing the client’s current IT needs

When the client first came to Miles, our goal was to assess the current state of their technology environment and how their employees use it.

Staying current in the world of technology

Technology is rapidly changing. When the client outgrew their previous IT provider, they gradually fell behind the technology curve. Their technology environment at the time housed a significant amount of physical hardware that had begun to incur more issues as they grew. They needed to find a new solution that would provide proactive and responsive IT support.

Recommending the Miles Assurance Plan

Staying current in the world of rapidly-changing technology is a difficult feat. To counter this, we recommended the Miles Assurance Plan (MAP), which entails a monthly 230-point comprehensive review of the client’s IT systems. This review spans the client’s network, servers, backup systems, user devices, software, security, and more. From there we provide consulting on how to overcome any challenge.


Implementing the Miles Assurance Plan

  • 1 – To onboard our client, we started with a network lockdown to ensure that all IT systems were secure before transferring IT responsibilities to our team.

  • 2 – Once the system was secured, we installed our support software on all the client’s systems to allow for quick remote access to any computer experiencing issues. This allows our support team to respond to service requests in a timely manner.

  • 3 – Our next priority was to close any vulnerabilities that still existed. This meant getting all the latest system patches and up-to-date antivirus software.

  • 4 – To finish the onboarding process, we ran a baseline security assessment to ensure the client’s security was up to their own minimum standards as well as ours.

  • 5 – Once onboarding was completed, we began our recurring monthly 230-point check to provide continued consultation on how the customer could optimize their IT systems.


A modern IT infrastructure

We now provide unlimited IT support for our client allowing them to focus on greater aspects of their business. This has resulted in the following:

Greater Strategic Planning

Along with our monthly IT assessments, our dedicated client support team provides recommendations on what technology aspects to prioritize.

24/7 Responsive Support

The client is now able to submit service requests through our customer service portal or call our team directly whenever an issue occurs.

Improved Security

With additional layers of added security, such as advanced malware protection, up-to-date antivirus, and web-filtering, the client can rest at ease knowing their systems are secure.


Partnering with an IT company

IT needs vary day-to-day, and you may not always require a full team behind you. That’s why Miles provides IT services personalized for your organization’s exact needs. From project management to installations and rollouts, our experts provide the additional man-power you need to get your project across the finish line.