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Case Study

UX Improvements based on A/B testing and heatmap software

Miles IT works with a nationwide home healthcare agency to increase engagement to high intent webpages.

Young woman with brown hair interacts with an older woman sitting down holding a cane.


A nationwide home healthcare company

The client is a nationwide home care franchise that provides medical and non-medical home health services to all ages.


The client wanted to increase user engagement to a large number of service pages

The client came to Miles because they expressed their users were having difficulty finding the highest-intent pages on their website, including services and franchise location pages.


A plan to simplify navigation with the goal of creating a more intuitive experience

Miles IT began working with the client to understand their specific goals. We created a marketing strategy to identify where users visiting the client’s website were bouncing or dropping off, and worked with the client to implement changes to the website to improve user engagement. To help facilitate user engagement, and to make appropriate improvements, we first had to understand how people were using the site.

Using click maps tracking tool

To understand where users clicked most, we utilized click maps to discover where visitors were having difficulty using the navigation of the website.

To increase navigation engagement, we made both the menu and submenu options available when visitors hovered over them, so all options were viewable at once.

Watching live user sessions

By seeing how users engaged with the website in real time, we could see how visitors used the website and where they missed important Calls to Action (CTA).

In fact, users often overlooked the main CTA in the hero section of the client’s website. We decided to change CTA colors and A/B test the change to see if a new color improved engagement.

Monthly Analytics Reporting

To fix location search problems, we let users search by address or zip code. We implemented a script in the client’s search bar that identifies where the user is and suggests their nearest location.

Through monthly tracking of traffic to high-intent web pages, we were able to measure the success of these changes and gauge our marketing efforts.


Small changes can create a big difference

Using click-map, movement tracking heat map tools, and monthly reporting through Google Analytics, we were able to analyze user interactions and discovered they were struggling with using the localization bar, the 2-step drop-down menu, and were missing the main call to action button on the client’s website.

Localization Search Updates

Tracking page traffic to high-intent pages showed that the script updates to the search bar increased engagement by 245.95% in 4 months.

Navigation Improvements

Improvements to the navigation of the website increased traffic to high-intent pages and increased the click-through rate by 133.33% in 4 months.

A/B testing for success

By changing the main Call to Action button color from gold to dark teal, we increased clicks on the contact form by 1,900% in 4 months.

The details in your marketing can make the biggest difference

Miles IT assists our marketing clients by not only understanding their business, goals, and values, but also by making data-informed decisions through research. We create long-term relations with our clients to help them achieve their marketing goals and accomplish more. We propel our clients ahead of the competition.