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A mobile app transforms business model into a recurring revenue subscription approach

Miles IT helped High Performing Culture (HPC) build a mobile app to increase touchpoints for clients, enhance the user experience, and allow HPC to update its content delivery to a recurring revenue business model.



Creating an app that would change the business model

HPC came to Miles IT with a need to convert its business model from a fixed-cost one-time consultation-based project approach into a broadly-available recurring revenue subscription approach. Their CEO also wanted to expand the reach of their service to help exponentially more businesses. The solution included a mobile app that was easy to use and customizable to fit a client’s unique initiatives to define and enhance its culture. We were asked to build a software solution that addressed the following:


Provide a platform for HPC clients’ employees to interact with company cultural values through a user-friendly and widely available/compatible mobile application.

Content Updates

Improve HPC client’s administration capabilities and ability to share/update content across their entire organization quickly from a single system.


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Enhance HPC administration functions to stage and edit content for clients easily.

Revenue Model

Create a recurring revenue model for HPC’s business that allows its system to evolve (add features) and grow (scale for higher volume usage) as HPC does and as new client needs and goals emerge.

Miles IT Client Management portal


Reinventing how users access HPC’s content through a new mobile app

Our software team designed a mobile app solution called CultureWise to meet each of HPC’s desired outcomes. CultureWise is a mobile application for client users of HPC’s fundamentals system. It allows users to easily view cultural fundamentals, weekly insights, videos, weekly questions, and coaching information right on their mobile device. 


This was important for HPC as many clients expressed a need for a solution that reflected a growing remote workforce that may not be in the office often but still needed an understanding of the organization’s culture.


Administrators at HPC can control all content on a client-by-client basis through the administrative backend, along with setup access for members. Clients of HPC, with appropriate permissions, can control how they present content to members who use the app.


CultureWise creates a unique experience for every HPC client and allows employees to converse via familiar social media style communications.


Unlimited growth potential without an increase in labor costs

Before the recurring model, users spent a significant amount of time on data entry of billing and commissions on one-time orders. As of the system launch in June 2019, 36 companies have been onboarded to utilize CultureWise for the implementation of the HPC fundamentals system.

By the end of 2020, HPC expects to have over 100 companies utilizing the mobile application with about 10,000 end users. In addition, the recurring service delivery model has automated payment for the CultureWise service to HPC through Quickbooks using the Quickbooks Online API. It has also simplified commissions payment processing to HPC consultants.

HPC is now poised to be able to target and realistically accomplish 10x and greater growth in customer base, build a consistent recurring revenue stream while minimizing the need for adding staff at a similar pace – all thanks to the CultureWise solution!

Culturewise mobile app features presentation

Automated Payments

CultureWise uses the Quickbooks Online API for automated and simplified payment processing.

Reduction in data entry

HPC has negated countless hours spent on data entry of billing and commissions on one-time orders.

Increased End-Users

HPC expects to have over 100 companies and 10,000 end-users that interact with the app. 

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Project Highlights

  • The Dashboard Landing Page features weekly insights, fundamentals, the coaching guide, and other content that users can access daily – all in one centralized location.

  • The Fundamentals List View provides users with a list of the company’s fundamentals with the current one positioned at the top.