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Case Study:

A customized web–based software system for billing & scheduling, accessible from any device



Therapy Services – NYC

Dr. Jonathan Levinson is the owner and clinical director of Therapy Services – NYC. Prior to his doctoral training, he earned an MBA from New York University and worked in the computer technology field. His experience gave him an invaluable understanding of how the use of technology could help him succeed in his new business. With an office, computer network, software, and staff in place, Therapy Services – NYC was ready to go!


Outdated systems that weren’t easily accessible

Initially, Therapy Services – NYC was operating efficiently. However, as years progressed, processes changed.

Discovering the Problem

The original software system for managing patient information could no longer keep up with the growth of the business. Not only had the system become outdated and unable to provide the functionality staff and patients needed, it was not web-based. This caused difficulty when setting up new employee workstations and made it impossible to use systems when not on an office PC. Dr. Levinson knew something had to change.

Researching Alternative Solutions

He began by researching off-the-shelf software solutions for his business. After looking into several options, he found one that he thought had all the functionality Therapy Services – NYC would need, including patient information, practice management, accounting capabilities—the works. Halfway through the software training process, however, he realized the software didn’t support 100% of functionality he needed, and was much more complex than he initially thought.


An improved IT infrastructure and a customized web–based software system

Wanting a solution that fit his business’s unique needs, Dr. Levinson opened his considerations to custom software solutions—that’s when he found Miles IT. Starting with a business analysis of Therapy Services – NYC, our dedicated team worked closely with Dr. Levinson’s staff to help find the best solutions to solving their pain points. With a strategy planned, we were able to successfully develop and implement a web-based solution, custom fit to address Dr. Levinson’s needs, including billing and scheduling. The Miles team also helped to ensure Therapy Services – NYC had the right hardware to resolve their ongoing network speed issues, and to allow their new software system to work seamlessly. We continue to serve Dr. Levinson and his company through our software support plan.

  • Web-based system allowing accessibility from any device, at any location
  • New billing and scheduling functions for core business processes
  • Hardware upgrades for increased network uptime and speed
receptionists at a medical office

Miles Support Plan: Ongoing support and system upgrades

Since the software was first rolled out, it has been further expanded and optimized to fit the ongoing needs of Therapy Services – NYC.

Brainstorm new software ideas

Plan and schedule system updates

Propose Additional Solutions

With the Miles software support plan, Dr. Levinson no longer has to worry about falling behind. Therapy Services – NYC’s software is now continuously improved and optimized. The support plan also includes behind-the-scenes systems analysis and data process reports, which enable our support team to better optimize the system.


Reduced time dealing with paperwork and overall greater productivity

Improved Automation

Therapy Services – NYC needs to submit specific paperwork to comply with state laws. Their new custom software system allows these forms to populate automatically, saving time, reducing cost, and increasing staff productivity.

Paperless Solution

In addition, Therapy Services – NYC’s new software solution has gone a long way toward bringing the business even closer to their goal of going paperless, which is quite a commitment in the medical industry!

With the right technologies now in place, Dr. Levinson has once again positioned Therapy Services – NYC to operate at maximum efficiency with the Miles team here to back him up.