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Chris Miles, CEO

Using technology to create business efficiencies is my passion.

I help business leaders discover what technology can do for their organizations and connect them with the right experts from our team, who I believe are the best in the industry.


Chris Miles
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About Chris Miles

  • Who inspires me


    My mother. She made an amazing impact on my life through her love, passion, and hard work.


    Raising a family of four on her own, she overcame the odds by running her own successful business. She ignited my entrepreneurial passion by supporting me as I started my first business at the age of 16.


    Though she is no longer with us, her legacy will always be my greatest source of inspiration, pushing me to be as loving, passionate, and hard-working as she was.

  • Favorite quotes


    • “It ain’t how hard you hit—it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.” – Rocky Balboa
    • “Don’t become a wandering generality. Be a meaningful specific.” – Zig Ziglar
    • “When life gives you lemons, keep them, because, hey, free lemons!” – Proverb
  • I like…


    • Tennis, pickleball, and boating
    • Spending time with my wife and kids
    • Helping people accomplish more
  • Words of wisdom


    Life is too short to be mediocre.

  • My big goal


    Maximum employment accomplished by out-marketing, outselling, and out-contributing.


Chris Gets It Done

Chris Miles founded Miles IT in 1997 and has had a hand in nearly every role, from programming to website development.


Today, Chris advocates for his team of over 275 technology experts and focuses on three main priorities:


Developing and communicating the vision of the company and where we are headed.


Building our team by developing leaders and fostering the skillsets of high-contributors.


Representing the brand and our core belief that we can help people accomplish more.

Chris Miles In Office

A lot of people look at interruptions as an annoyance.
Interruptions actually make you advance, in my opinion.