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I help clients define their marketing goals and find the most impactful avenues to achieve them.

My role is to consult with clients, understand their larger objectives, and plan a complete marketing strategy to turn their vision into reality.


Jared Headshot
Jared and dog


About Jared Schrock

  • Who inspires me


    I am very close with my friends and family. I try to surround myself with people who inspire me, both inside and outside of work.

  • Favorite quotes


    • “One day at a time.” Sometimes, this is the best mindset when tackling a challenge or creating a plan.
  • I like…


    • Art – I love creating clothing, stickers, and posters
    • Building my skills with Adobe Suite
    • Simplifying processes through marketing automation
  • Big goal for the future


    Make sure I’m on the front end of technology and ensure our clients are offered the most relevant & innovative marketing solutions.


Jared’s Dedicated To Your Success

Jared has been a part of the Miles IT team for over three years, bringing a unique combination of graphic design and marketing technology expertise to his role. Particularly, he enjoys consulting with clients about Google Ads, Facebook Ads, CRM platforms such as HubSpot, and marketing automation.


Forward-thinking and collaborative, Jared focuses on aligning all marketing work with clients’ goals and their Vision to Reality roadmaps. His main passion is leveraging marketing automation to simplify processes and make information more accessible to his clients.


Each day, Jared looks forward to gaining a deeper understanding of client needs and strategizing with teammates to produce high-quality results.


“I’d love to talk about the marketing possibilities for your business and how we can help connect the dots.”