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An SEO audit and content optimization leads to 75% increase in organic traffic

Miles IT works with a manufacturing and distribution company
to resolve website issues, build authority, and reach the right audience.



A manufacturing and distribution company

The client manufactures and distributes various materials that assist with product creation. Occupying a very niche industry, they serve businesses in a wide range of sectors.


The client was losing organic traffic
and wanted to regain visibility on search engines.

After redesigning their website with another agency, the client was concerned about a noticeable drop in rankings and traffic.

Decreased Organic Traffic

Website traffic plummeted after the redesign because of technical errors within the website.

Lower Page Rankings

Pages with valuable content had been removed from the website, causing the client to lose authority in search engines.

Reduced Visibility

Because of the website errors and removed content, the client was not showing up frequently in search results.


SEO audit & content strategy

Thorough SEO Audit

Our first step was to run an SEO audit to determine areas of concern on the client’s website that negatively impacted their rankings.

Remediated Website Errors

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Next, we reviewed the audit and resolved technical issues that led to confusing error messages.

In-Depth Content Updates

We then identified helpful information that had been removed from the website, optimized it for search engines, and added it back.

The revamped core blog articles on the client’s website witnessed a remarkable surge in readership within just six months of reoptimizing their content. The pageviews for these articles soared from 259 to an impressive 925, marking an astonishing 256% increase in traffic.


Ongoing marketing plan

The client was so impressed with our SEO efforts that they added us as their full marketing partner. We continue to help with many areas of their marketing so they can educate their prospects, define their brand, and resonate with their audience.



Demonstrate expertise and thought leadership

With well-crafted content, we educate the client’s audience about their products and industry.


Detailed Blog Articles

Working with the client’s in-house marketing team, we research and write blog posts that are well-structured for search engines and optimized with relevant keywords.

Branded Video

Our team created an impressive video about the client’s equipment and materials, which they now play in their showroom.

Updated Content Calendar

We contribute two blog articles each month so the client can stay active and demonstrate thought leadership in their industry.


Create a clear brand identity

We refine company messaging and create unique designs that resonate with the client’s audience.


Product Messaging

We reworked some of the client’s product names to better align with their brand identity and attract the right audience.

Brand Strategy

To highlight a new initiative the client was spearheading, we created a comprehensive webpage and engaging infographics about the topic.

Social Media Presence

We maintain the client’s social media profiles so they stay active, updated, and centered on their unique brand.

Print Designs

Our graphic design team created a branded banner for the client’s showroom and a unique logo to celebrate a company milestone.


Reach the right audience at the right time

To engage with the client’s target audience, we utilize segmentation and automation strategies.

  • Optimized Google Ads


    We revised current PPC campaigns to target the most relevant terms based on the client’s B2B marketing focus.

  • Keyword Research


    To match the search intent of target users, we optimized web pages with key terms that better described the client’s product offerings.

  • Segmented Email Marketing


    When a new blog post is published, we send emails to specific audiences based on the industry and content of the piece.

  • Marketing Automation


    We help manage the client’s HubSpot account, from sending emails to setting up landing pages and workflow logic.


High-quality leads & trusted authority

The client fully recovered from their website errors and continues to benefit from a complete marketing plan.

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75% increase in organic traffic

In a two-year span, organic traffic almost doubled, with more users visiting the client’s website than ever before.

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Expanded lead generation efforts

Our website updates and ad optimizations drive a steady flow of relevant leads who are within the client’s target audience.

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Greater visibility in search results

With a hub of useful content on their website, the client shows up frequently in search results for related terms, establishing them as a trusted authority in their industry.

Marketing team in a meeting

A partner for all marketing efforts

We understand the client’s business well and continue to collaborate with their in-house marketing team. In our monthly meetings, we review reports, propose new content ideas, and consult about potential marketing initiatives.