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Increasing brand awareness and expanding reach

Miles IT works with a professional services company to establish their brand, educate their target audience, and generate demand for their services.

A desk with a laptop next to a clipboard, glasses, and stethoscope. There is a doctor and patient sitting next to the desk talking.


A billing provider and consulting firm

As part of the professional services industry, the client works directly with medical practices. They provide consultative services and help improve billing, staffing, marketing, and more to increase growth and provide the best patient experience.


The client wanted to strengthen their brand and increase their customer base.

Recognizing the importance of presenting themselves in a professional light, the client wanted help scaling their marketing efforts accordingly.

Goal #1

Fully establish their brand and present themselves professionally to potential customers.

Goal #2

Educate their target audience and build awareness about their unique services.

Goal #3

Grow their customer base and expand their reach in specific territories.


Recognize the client’s unique needs

We spent time understanding our client’s business and what they wanted to achieve in order to develop a strategy that directly aligned with their goals.


We began with an in-depth consultation to gain clarity on the client’s challenges and goals.

Recommendations & Growth Potential

We presented our recommendations to the client, focusing on initiatives that would align with their vision and add the most value.

Vision to Reality Plan

We created an actionable plan to help the client accomplish their goals. We then implemented all aspects of the plan by building the client’s brand, creating content, and promoting it on appropriate channels.


Appear as a professional industry leader

We clearly defined the client’s brand and presented them as trusted experts in their industry.


Brand Library


We fully established the client’s brand by producing a uniform color scheme, unique iconography to represent their services, and more.


Professional Templates


Once the brand was clearly developed, we designed letterhead and materials to ensure consistency across all communications.


Animated Logo


We created an engaging animated version of the client’s logo that encapsulated their services, approach, and values.


Website Redesign


We completely reworked the client’s website and their partner website to include the new branding concepts and create consistency.



Inform and educate target audiences

We worked closely with the client to achieve a balance of sharing educational materials while being sensitive to the information they did not want to reveal to competitors.


Cornerstone Content Pieces

We regularly publish long-form content pieces to provide value and establish credibility. Keeping SEO best practices in mind, we interview team members, then write, design, and develop the final product.

Comprehensive Resource Center

The client’s online resource hub is specifically tailored to prospects in their target audience and includes content in a variety of formats, including webinars, newsletters, articles, and long-form pieces.

Ungated & Gated Content

We publish ungated content to help drive traffic to the client’s website and boost their visibility in search results. To capture leads, we gate specific materials behind a form, and this allows us to continue engaging the audience through email marketing.


Build awareness with target audiences

With our promotional strategies, the client can get relevant materials in front of the right audience at the right time.

LinkedIn Advertising

Our well-branded LinkedIn ads target users with specific job titles in certain locations. They promote the client’s free consultative analysis, cornerstone content, and more.

Video Testimonials

To build trust and clarity in the client’s services, we frequently share customer testimonials in ad campaigns.

PPC Advertising

We optimize the client’s Google Ads to promote the unique benefits of their services on relevant search queries and to retarget website visitors and increase brand exposure.

Partner Website

To help build awareness about the client’s services, we optimize their partner website, which promotes a group customers can join to connect and share ideas with other businesses.

Email Marketing

We proactively optimize the client’s email marketing by refining their messaging, enhancing the branded design, and testing results.

Print Opportunities

Our design work extends beyond online marketing and improves how the client presents themselves in sales engagements and trade shows.

A/B Testing

We conduct tests for LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads to gain statistical data that drive decisions to maximize qualified lead generation.


Consistent branding, increased conversions, & growth in website traffic

The client continues to be pleased with the results of our efforts, specifically in how we reinforce their brand and reach their target audience.


Consistent branding

  • Professional branding and communications help the client stand out and remain recognizable in their industry
  • Consistency across communications and channels helps clarify the value of their services

Increased conversions

  • Greater quantity of opt-ins to the resource center allows the client to get their business seen by more users
  • Increased opportunities for nurturing leads through the sales cycle

Growth in website traffic

  • Increased traffic to key pages on their website
  • Remarketing tactics allow the client to reinforce their brand and build visibility among their audience


Expert guidance every step of the way

We continue to work alongside the client’s in-house team as part of their ongoing marketing plan.


We also provide reporting, consulting, and recommendations, and specifically tailor reports to the client’s main focus areas. Our marketing efforts are always aligned with the client’s goals and their sales team’s initiatives.

Four individuals collaborating on a writing project using their notebooks and laptops