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An multi-location office relocation for a law firm completed within one week

Miles IT helped a law firm in Florida complete a multi-phase move under unique circumstances — the area was right in the path of a major hurricane for the first phase of the relocation. Our project team got to work to complete the project within a tightening schedule due to an expiring lease and meet all timelines to the client’s satisfaction.




Relocating IT equipment to a new suite before a hurricane struck

We had worked with the client on several previous IT projects and relocations. They came to us with a new need to relocate as they were finishing up construction on a space in a different location.

This process would be a two-phase move:


  1. We would relocate all IT equipment, including PCs and network servers, down two floors in the same location, set up their infrastructure and PCs, and ensure the client was running during construction.

  3. When the new construction was complete, we could then relocate the client’s equipment to their new final location and perform similar steps as the first phase.


Acting fast and smart to complete the IT relocation project

We provided the client with a dedicated project manager to coordinate the move and ensure everything stayed on track. We assessed and documented all servers and network equipment as well as any uplinks to the ISP. The work scope required us to breakdown and set up PCs and network equipment and perform all wiring for the server room in the new suite, so the firm could be in full operation as soon as possible.


The timeline was tight, but it was taken to a whole different level with the incoming hurricane news. Hurricane Dorian was scheduled to make landfall in Florida on Saturday. Our team got to work on Friday, breaking down all equipment and moving it down to the new suite two floors below. We worked late into Friday night to vacate the old suite and ensure everything was ready to go on Saturday.


The next day, our team worked early in the morning to start setting up the equipment in the new suite. However, around noon, we had to leave the building as the state ordered a shutdown due to the hurricane. Everything was closed down until Tuesday at noon. Still, the dedicated project manager on the team stayed in direct contact with the client throughout the shutdown to ensure everything got moving as soon as it was possible.

Tuesday and the rest of the week

Florida reopened on Tuesday, and we re-entered first thing Wednesday morning to finish the initial phase. We were able to get the client’s network fully up and functional by Wednesday and finished up by Friday, much to the client’s satisfaction.


The client moved in on-time and is fully operational

The client understood the unique challenges of this move and was impressed with the final results. Two months after the initial move, we completed the second phase of the IT relocation to the client’s permanent location. Today, we continue to work with the client on various IT projects, and we are happy they trust us to help them accomplish more, no matter the circumstances.

Five Different Relocations

We have been a trusted moving partner with the client for many years. We have performed five relocations in total for them. This was the only one that took place during a hurricane, though.

Real-Time Adjustments

We communicated with the client throughout to ensure all timelines were met. As we learned new information about the storm and news from the state, we coordinated with the client to accommodate their schedule.

Proactive Project Planning

This was a successful move in part because of the planning. One thing we did was install the ISP about a week before, which ensured there weren’t any issues closer to the move that would have pushed the timeline back.

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