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One time IT Projects completed fast

Accomplish your IT goals quickly and effectively.

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Two IT consultants collaborating on a project at their workstation

Proven project process

With our approach, you’ll receive the best IT solutions for all of your needs.

Expert Consultation

Our team works with you to understand your needs, wants, budget, and goals. Leveraging our IT expertise, we determine the best solution that checks off all the boxes.

Strategic Planning

We love to measure twice and cut once. Our project process concentrates heavily on proper planning to reduce stress, avoid unnecessary disruption, and accomplish the objectives.

Implementation & Project Management

Our technology experts implement the plan while our project managers keep everyone up to date. The result is a successful project and a better IT system for your organization.


Any initiative, achieved

When you’re looking for assistance to complete one of your IT initiatives, you can rely on our proven project process to ensure it gets done on time with the highest level of quality. We can assist you with IT project work of any size or complexity.

Receive assistance with:

♦  Data recovery
♦  Cloud migration
♦  Systems assessments
♦  And more!

Unique expertise & successful completion

Whether you’re seeking additional support for your existing IT staff on the next big project, or you need a dedicated group to handle all aspects of your project, our teams are always ready to deliver winning IT solutions.

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  • Cybersecurity Initiatives


    Implement better security for industry compliance and data privacy.

  • Server Upgrades


    Bring your servers up to date with the latest technologies so you can work more efficiently.

  • Cloud Migration


    Transition seamlessly from local IT solutions to secure cloud-based hosting.

  • Office Relocation


    Move your office without the hassle and get your technology running perfectly in your new location.

  • Wireless Networks


    Benefit from a wireless network with high speed and spotless connectivity.

  • Project Management Support


    Let our team help your team get projects done on time when you need supplemental support.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery


    Be prepared for anything with a secure backup system that automates the backup process.

  • Phone Systems


    Make communications simple with hosted call centers and track call data with analytics.

  • Remote Work Services


    Maintain the highest level of security for your remote teams and leverage tools that enhance collaboration.

  • Standardizing Business Technologies


    Improve the scalability of your infrastructure and get your systems up to industry standards.

  • IT Systems Assessment


    Get informed about your existing IT environment and how it can be improved to increase stability, reliability, redundancy, and productivity for your users.



We improved system security and collaboration for this customer

Time is essential for any business. Our rapid response and rollout team completely revamped this customer’s workstations without disrupting their current work processes.


Raving Fans

Gil Hami

star rating icons
Google Icon11 months ago

We’ve been working with Miles Technologies for over a decade and it has been a great long term partnership and investment. I trust their team and they have been very responsive to our changing IT needs. Highly recommend!

Patricia Rowe

star rating icons
Google Icona year ago

Miles Technology offers fast, efficient and professional IT support services. All of my encounters with Miles staff have been so pleasant and the best part is that they listen, offer suggestions and continue to work with you until you work through whatever problem you have. 2 Thumbs up for Miles!

Gina Thiesfeldt

star rating icons
Google Icona year ago

The tech’s at Miles IT are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I can’t say enough good about them. They always seem to go above and beyond and not only fix my issues but also explain things so we don’t have future issues. They are patient and thorough. I highly recommend working with the Miles IT team!

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  • What kind of software and hardware do you have experience with? Will I be expected to use a specific hardware/software?


    We are software/hardware agnostic. That means we are not dedicated to a particular brand, and our experts have valuable knowledge in all common areas of software and hardware known on the market.

  • What is your project process?


    We create a thorough project plan that anticipates all steps in your project and estimated dates for each milestone up to completion. Our Project Managers are the guides who make sure we stay on track in meeting the target date, while our Subject Matter Experts offer the knowledge needed to complete the projects skillfully.

  • What is the most common IT project?


    Currently, the most requested project involves migrating or moving to the cloud. As servers continue to move off-site, the need for cloud computing resources increases.

  • Can you fit my budget? Can I expect change orders?


    We manage the price based on scope, taking your budget into account. Our costs will not change even if the budget shifts and we still put out our guaranteed level of work. The cost is the cost unless the scope changes. If we reduce the work, we reduce the price.

  • Within a given timeline, how quickly can this be completed?


    Our process is streamlined such that various portions of the project can be prioritized according to urgency. We schedule projects to be completed in a timeline that makes it cost-effective and efficient. However, in extreme emergencies we have the bandwidth to complete virtually any project within a given timeline.