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A custom integration between an EHR and patient scheduling software

Miles IT helps US Digestive Health, a collective of gastroenterology practices, improve operations by integrating MyHealthDirect patient scheduling with eClinicalWorks EHR.

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Current EHR lacked online patient scheduling capabilities

US Digestive Health wanted to provide a modernized patient experience that would enable patients to schedule their appointments online. The organization’s current EHR, eClinicalWorks, did not provide the required feature. 


To fill the gap, the US Digestive Health planned to use a 3rd party patient scheduling tool, MyHealthcareDirect. The challenge was getting their EHR to communicate and share data with the new patient scheduling software.


Synchronizing data between EHR and patient scheduling system

For the systems to work together, the EHR and patient scheduling tool required HL7 integration. Our technology consultant would work directly with software engineers from MyHealthDirect and eClinicalWorks to synchronize the systems.

A Miles IT consultant worked directly with a MyHealthDirect engineer to develop queries for working hours, blocks, and rule sets and coordinate a method to push the files daily.

Once queries and data synchronization was complete, the Miles consultant worked with MyHealthDirect and US Digestive Health to test and confirm that the system’s scheduling portion is working as expected.

After final approval from the US Digestive Health, our team coordinated the launch of the integration and provided training for the client’s staff on how to use the system.


An improved patient experience

Before this integration, the practice had no way for doctors to synchronize their schedules between systems. With the new integration, the doctors can now manage their schedules directly from eClinicalWorks EHR, which then shares the scheduling data with MyHealthDirect. 


Additionally, there was no way for patients to schedule and manage their appointments online. MyHealthDirect provides that capability, which makes it easier for clients to make appointments and, as a result, reduces calls to the office.

Synchronized Data

Data is now shared in real-time between the patient scheduling system and EHR.

Improved Patient Experience

Patients can schedule appointments at their convenience using the new online feature.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Calls for appointments have been reduced, which frees up time for administrative staff.

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