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Case Study:

A well executed full service marketing plan

Miles IT works with a home improvement company and adapts to their business goals as well as the ever-changing state of marketing, increasing website traffic, leads, and sales.

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A local home improvement company

The client sells and installs outdoor living products, including fences, decks, and other yard enhancements. They have multiple brick-and-mortar locations as well as an online shop.


A growing business that sets aggressive goals year after year

Over the past several years, we’ve worked with the home improvement company to provide marketing and website solutions, including the implementation of their eCommerce website. The marketing tactics that work for any business depend on a variety of factors, including the desired goals, trends in how users behave online, and nuances in the client’s industry. There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” marketing solution, and the home improvement company’s goals have evolved alongside the growth of their business. They also work in an industry that is very seasonal. To meet the goals they set year after year, the company has required marketing solutions tailored to different needs at different times.


A tailored marketing strategy that adapts to the client’s needs.

A brief history of our marketing partnership

At the onset of the relationship, the goal was increased leads. At the time, the client was struggling as a result of the economic downturn and hoped to use online advertising to generate leads. The focus was on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, using geo-specific targeting to penetrate his local market. PPC advertising, in combination with SEO marketing efforts, led to successfully hitting lead goals and increasing website traffic.

In the second year of the relationship, with leads on the rise, the client trusted us to continue working with them to achieve their marketing goals over the next few years. We developed a new website with a focus on using the most current search engine optimization tactics.

The client’s monthly marketing plan included a variety of components: press releases, email marketing, SEO updates, social media publishing, and online reputation management. We also built experimentation efforts into the client’s plan as a proactive way to push the envelope and find new platforms and tactics that got results.

Leveraging content to support continued growth

Our most recent efforts for the client have been focused on their current goal of continued growth. They wanted to be known as the best company in the business and dominate their market.

We implemented a strategy that involved a heavy focus on the content marketing approach. Content marketing aims to generate traffic and leads organically rather than through paid advertisements. The goal is to create useful content that addresses the pain points of potential customers. That content is optimized so the right people find it when using a search engine to look for solutions. Content marketing can establish your expertise in your industry, making it a good choice for this client’s aggressive goals. We also used content to engage the audience year-round. Though the client’s business is known to be seasonal, they can provide installation as long as the ground isn’t frozen, so our efforts helped to extend their busy season.


We launched a redesigned blog and started writing and publishing articles. The topics of the posts are based on our research of what appeals to the target audience as well as keyword research. We use Google Analytics to examine the performance of the blog, and we modify our content strategy accordingly, creating more content that focuses on successful blog topics.

Website redesign with eCommerce

Website design trends, the way people use websites, and the way Google displays websites in search results are variables that change often. Based on findings from user experience testing data and today’s best practices for SEO, the most recent redesign of the website incorporates new features and designs to maximize engagement and conversion—for both installation requests and online purchases.

eGuides, infographics, and more

We create eGuides, infographics, and other types of digital content relevant to the client’s target audience. These pieces range from written and visual “how to” guides to comparison charts to entertaining stories. Relevant premium content is promoted via call-to-action buttons on blog posts. Premium content is typically gated behind a contact form, creating an opportunity to capture leads.

Social Media

To promote content and build greater public awareness of our client in his local market, we manage social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Houzz.

Paid Advertising

We’ve continued our efforts with location-targeted campaigns in Adwords. We also promote content by running graphical campaigns on relevant websites and paid ads on social media.

Lead Nurturing

Our email workflows are designed to keep prospects engaged with our client, and help them in their decision-making process. The emails share helpful information and tips. We also remarket to existing customers to further their awareness of all our client has to offer.


More leads, more business growth, and a massive increase in website traffic.

Website Traffic


Traffic to the client’s main website has seen steady growth since the implementation of the content strategy. In 2016, traffic increased by 220.34% versus the previous period.

Blog Traffic


Blog traffic has risen dramatically since we first launched the new blog, driving more traffic to the main website. In 2016, blog traffic increased by 2,627% versus the previous period.

Lead Generation


In 2016, 243% more users converted into leads via the website’s contact form than in the previous period.



Since 2013, the client has seen a 175% increase in sales on average for both their services and their product sales.

As a result of these successes, the client continues to trust us to create and market content and advertising campaigns. They are now too busy serving customers to worry about marketing, so we have been given the green light to make campaign changes as needed.

Adaptable marketing sets you apart from your competition

Miles IT helps our marketing clients by understanding their businesses and making informed decisions based on data and research. We form long-term relationships with our clients and make it our mission to help them achieve their marketing goals as well as their organizational goals. By responding to changes in the behaviors of online users and changes in our clients’ businesses, we propel our clients ahead of their competitors.