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Simplifying tedious technical processes for a talent agency

Miles IT helps a talent agency streamline workflows and resolve IT issues so they can focus on meeting deadlines and securing bookings.

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A voiceover talent agency

The client is a deadline-driven voiceover talent agency in the entertainment industry. They regularly work with voice actors looking for work and casting directors & production companies in search of qualified talent.


Improving complex workflows and ensuring 24/7 support

The client was looking to streamline time-consuming tasks and receive responsive IT support so they could meet deadlines and run their operations more efficiently.

Process Improvement

The client’s initial work process involved receiving large audition files in their email inboxes, leading to tedious manual work, email storage issues, and technical difficulties.

Bicoastal Support

With locations in New York and Los Angeles, the client needed an IT partner who could provide extensive support for all team members, no matter their time zone.

Fast Resolution

As part of a deadline-driven industry, the client’s success depends on quick turnaround times. As a result, top-notch, rapid resolution of any technical problem is critical.


From support ticket submission to workflow improvement

To enhance the audition process for the client and their talent, we took steps to implement a new workflow that reduces time and storage.

Issue Identification

Our support team initially identified the workflow issue when a user submitted an IT ticket regarding excessive email storage. The client also mentioned the problem and asked if we could explore a better solution.

Workflow Assessment

Before creating the solution, we met with the client’s staff to understand their daily workflows and potential improvements.

Solution Research

From there, we reviewed possible options and presented a solution that involved using Dropbox to submit audition materials.


Process automation and rapid response support

We implemented a Dropbox solution and provide ongoing Raving Fan support to all members of the client’s team.

Workflow Improvement

Using Dropbox, voice actors now submit audition files directly instead of using email.


Immediate Support

Our rapid response support team helps the client quickly resolve technical issues and meet deadlines.


Proactive Services

We provide proactive IT consulting and services to keep the client’s environment modernized and up-to-date.


Reducing costs, time, and stress for increased efficiency and satisfaction

Our solutions improve business processes and overall accuracy for the client so they can focus on bookings and other aspects of their business.

Streamlined Processes

Our creation of the Dropbox workflow has simplified procedures, saving the team 2-3 days per audition. It also frees up space in the client’s inboxes and ensures all audition submissions are received.

Goal Achievement

Our emergency and after-hours support help the client meet tight deadlines. Working with Miles IT means they no longer wait days or weeks for technical assistance or worry about missing bookings.

Increased Productivity

With their dedicated IT support team, who specializes in their industry, the client’s staff now has more time to focus on other tasks instead of coordinating assistance for minor technical problems.



Poised to take advantage of growth opportunities

With the help of Miles IT, the client can seamlessly work with their contacts and focus on meaningful tasks that contribute to added value & growth.


As a small business, the client benefits greatly from their access to enterprise-level resources: an entire IT support team, security team, CIO, and project team. Through consistent check-in meetings, they receive ongoing consultation so they can take advantage of new opportunities and continue to thrive.


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