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Dan Carpenter, President of IT Services

I help organizations achieve their strategic vision by implementing the right technology.

My primary focus is on understanding businesses, digging into their processes and goals, and providing them with the best IT solutions that will support their direction.



Meet Dan Carpenter

Dan Carpenter with his family


About Dan Carpenter

  • Who inspires me


    My parents. My mom was my first technology mentor as the computer teacher of my elementary school. She worked two full-time jobs, school teacher and mother to three boys, and earned her Master’s degree (as if she wasn’t busy enough). My dad drove four hours every single day to get to and from work, all so we could grow up in an area with better school systems and activities. As an electrician, he took his profession seriously and taught me and my brothers the importance of hard work and constant learning. 

  • Favorite quotes


    • “Discipline equals freedom.” – Jocko Willink
    • Not all problems have a technological answer, but when they do, that is the more lasting solution. ” – Andy Grove
    • “Never, ever ever ever ever give up.” – Winston Churchill
  • I like…


    • Spending time with family and friends 
    • Getting things done
    • Watching a plan come together
  • Words of wisdom


    Take ownership of everything that affects you.

  • My big goal


    Do my part to help during this crisis. Together, improve and get stronger as a result. 


Dan Gets It Done

As the President of IT Services, Dan provides excellent leadership to his team of over 170 technology professionals. He plays a large role in mentoring his team, helping individuals achieve career goals, and providing quality solutions to our customers.


Working in the field of IT professionally since age 16, Dan has completed multiple degrees including an MBA with a BS in Information Technology along with certifications for cloud solutions and cyber security. 


Dan is committed to providing our clients with cutting edge information technology. He continues to stay on the pulse of technology so our clients can rest easy knowing their IT environment is secure, functional, and efficient.

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Stay focused on your goals. We’ll make sure you have the right technology to get there.”