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Tech Talk Video Series

How to get the most value from existing software systems

Ever feel stuck with the software systems you use day-to-day? If you believe your business software is not fast enough, intuitive, or as helpful as it could be, you’re probably right—it can be improved!

Presented by business software experts John Horner and JP Lessard, this series demonstrates how you can build an actionable roadmap for analyzing and improving the systems you use to run your business.

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Everything you need to know

Improving processes takes strategic planning. Once you complete this series, you will have the knowledge and confidence needed to start strategizing your next steps.


The lesson is broken down into six chapters, each of which covers ideas and strategies that will allow you to analyze your current systems and prioritize system adjustments and the implementation of technologies that will help you the most.

Chapter Overview

See what’s inside!

  • Understand your business needs

  • Adjust your processes

  • Strategize your technology

  • Improve your current software

  • Expand on your software

  • Empower your people

Chapter 1


The first step to get the most value from your existing software systems is by assessing how these systems are being used today and by whom. Key takeaways include identifying red flags, future needs, and any commonalities between separate groups within your company.

Chapter 2


Challenge yourself and be open to change. Chapter two will leave you feeling more confident about improving processes for your company. We’ll look at the cost of disruption and how to redefine your processes and focus on what is going right.

Chapter 3


It’s time to create a roadmap that will help you ensure your business technology will continue to grow with your business and to support future operations. This chapter will help you plan and create the steps necessary for achieving your vision of how operations should run.

Chapter 4


With a little help, your existing software can do more than you realize. This chapter looks at the real cost of slow systems, improving the worst-performing parts of your technology, and how to better apply your systems to automate and accelerate processes.

Chapter 5


Expanding on your existing software can be easy. This chapter will demonstrate how to make a significant impact at little to no cost and create endless possibilities with integrations.

Chapter 6


Set your people up for what they do best! Reaching the full potential of your business’s output means connecting great users with great tools. This chapter covers how to ensure your people have the tools they need and are using these systems to the fullest.

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