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VoIP & Cloud Phone Systems for Businesses

Get help finding the right phone system & video conference technology

Our experts start by understanding your needs, then determine a solution that will accomplish your goals and help grow your business.

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Popular features for phone systems

Get more out of your phone system by integrating advanced features.


  • Call Recording

    Record and save calls for future reference


  • Call Queues

    Provide estimated wait times and optional callback.


  • Call Logs

    See previous calls, call time, who answered, and more.


  • Auto Attendant

    Greet and direct callers to the right deparment.


  • Automated Routing

    Get incoming callers to right place based on their caller ID.


  • Softphone Support

    Make calls over the internet from any desktop or mobile device.


Phone systems we specialize in

Below are some of the most popular business phone solutions that we work with.


Nextiva Logo
Dialpad Logo
GoToConnect Logo
8x8 Logo
Cisco Logo
Vonage Logo
Grasshopper Logo
Microsoft Teams Logo

Track your calls and get real-time analytics

Get a better understanding of your sales and customer service calls.

Types of call data:

♦  Call source
♦  Response times
♦  Duration
♦  Peak hours
♦  Abandoned calls
♦  Call completion rates
♦  Conversion rates
♦  And more!




Implementing a retail call center for improved connection and functionality

We were able to help a salon and spa provider upgrade their phone systems. Improving customer service, analytics, and more has helped this company experience tremendous business growth.


Common solutions for video conferencing

Microsoft Teams Logo
Google Workspace Logo
webex logo

Tailor your conferencing solution to fit the needs of your business

Whether you’re looking to unify around one virtual workspace or get more out of your current solution, our experts can optimize your video conferencing platform for scalability and efficiency.

Unified communications & collaboration

Save time for your team and reduce costs for your business by condensing to one virtual workspace that hosts video conferencing, email, document sharing, and more.

Platform features & functionality

Host meetings more effectively by understanding and mastering different platform features.

Video conferencing security controls

Ensure that your team abides by best practices for security when creating and hosting meetings.

Unified communication and collaboration

Accomplish more together from anywhere, on any device.

Unified Messaging

Access communications, whether text, call, or video, from any device.

Advanced Notifications

Get notified on select devices based on preference.

Online Presence

Allow your team to see when you are available.
security shield

Secure Sharing

Share files right alongside your communications.


Raving Fans

Gil Hami

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Google Icon11 months ago

We’ve been working with Miles Technologies for over a decade and it has been a great long term partnership and investment. I trust their team and they have been very responsive to our changing IT needs. Highly recommend!

Patricia Rowe

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Google Icona year ago

Miles Technology offers fast, efficient and professional IT support services. All of my encounters with Miles staff have been so pleasant and the best part is that they listen, offer suggestions and continue to work with you until you work through whatever problem you have. 2 Thumbs up for Miles!

Gina Thiesfeldt

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Google Icon2 years ago

We have worked with Miles IT for years. I have found its employees to be responsive, courteous and generally knowledgeable.

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  • When should I consider changing my business phone system?


    When your demands go beyond the capacity of your current phone system, and your system’s limitations begin impacting workplace productivity and customer satisfaction, it is time to find a solution. Thankfully, there are many cost-effective solutions that can help.


  • What is the difference between VoIP and PBX phone systems?


    PBX is the traditional private phone system that has been used for years, while VoIP connects calls via the Internet. PBX systems route calls through individual phone lines within the company, and rely on a computer server, manual control board, and multiple physical lines. VoIP requires only an Internet connection and a computer or IP phone.


  • Why would I want to choose a standard multi-line?


    One example is that if you have limited bandwidth, or a small number of employees, a standard multi-line system may be your most cost-effective option.


  • What are some phone system features my business needs?


    With so many features out there, it’s easy to get caught up in excess. A good rule of thumb is to identify features or functionality your company is lacking, and determine which systems will satisfy your needs. There may be cost-saving alternatives that your company should consider. Our consultants can review your company’s needs and develop a plan that works within your budget.