What is the Value of Working with a Marketing Strategist?

Laura Ferruggia
March 1, 2023
10 min read

Google Ads, social media marketing, website updates—with so many available marketing tactics, it can be challenging to know where to focus your attention.

However, leveraging the best marketing channels and finding new ways to engage with your audience is crucial for expanding your reach.

If you’re looking to create an organized, vision-driven marketing strategy, consider working with a Marketing Strategist.

They can help you make the most of your current efforts, capitalize on new tactics, and hone your strategy over time as the market and your business evolve.

Discover more about the Marketing Strategist’s role and how their expertise can benefit your business.

What is a Marketing Strategist?

A Marketing Strategist provides consultation and structure around a business’s marketing tactics to ensure all initiatives align with the overall goals and vision.

It’s worth noting that Marketing Strategist is the title we utilize within Miles IT. Other organizations may have similar-sounding titles, but we want to focus on the concept itself so you can apply it to your organization.

Our Marketing Strategists nurture customer relationships and ensure that clients have outstanding experiences with their dedicated marketing team.

Our strategists regularly lead client meetings, present in-depth Vision to Reality (V2R) roadmaps for success, and recommend ways to keep marketing tactics fresh and relevant.

Often, our Marketing Strategists are the primary points of contact for long-term marketing customers.

Having a guide along the marketing journey is helpful to keep all work organized and on track.

The Marketing Strategist fulfills this exact position.

Another defining characteristic of Marketing Strategists is their ability to stay ahead of trends and leverage them to gain a competitive advantage.

They are proactive and forward-thinking, continually looking to the future and identifying new client marketing opportunities.

At Miles, our strategists frequently collaborate with our Marketing Technology team to capitalize on cutting-edge concepts for ads, SEO, and other services.

What Roles and Responsibilities Does a Marketing Strategist Have?

Typically, a Marketing Strategist spends their day consulting with clients and ensuring that client work is on track, while formulating strategies to accomplish a client’s marketing goals.

Other daily responsibilities a Marketing Strategist undertakes include:

  • Lead and participate in regularly scheduled client meetings to review reports and plan initiatives
  • Consult with clients based on immediate questions that arise
  • Create comprehensive Vision to Reality plans for clients based on their industry, goals, and marketing needs
  • Provide valuable consultation for new clients interested in marketing work
  • Guide meetings for active projects while working alongside various team members, including designers, developers, writers, multimedia creators, and marketing technology consultants
  • Respond to clients promptly and ensure that tasks are being completed on time and with high quality

Our Marketing Strategists generally have a mix of responsibilities, but their main focus is ensuring clients have excellent experiences and accomplish their marketing goals.

What Knowledge and Skills Does a Marketing Strategist Possess?

Generally, Marketing Strategists have a wide range of skills and are well-versed in various marketing tactics, from SEO and websites to branding and identity.

Since they take a holistic view of a business’s marketing efforts, they have an in-depth knowledge of specific marketing opportunities and achievable results.

At Miles IT, our Marketing Strategists provide valuable consultation surrounding all of our marketing services.

Our strategists are unique because they each initially worked in different functional areas at Miles, including marketing technology and content creation.

Because of these experiences, our Marketing Strategists are highly familiar with deliverable creation and the types of work executed by various teams.

In addition, each strategist has specializations in different areas, including branding, SEO, complex website functionality, ad optimization, video production, social media marketing, and more.

When matching strategists with clients, we aim to create helpful and intuitive pairings.

For example, if a client inquires about an email marketing project, we match them with the strategist with the strongest skills and interest in email marketing.

However, because of their vast marketing experience, each strategist has a broad skill set and the ability to consult and strategize effectively for any marketing tactic.

No matter what type of project you work on with us, you’ll always have a dedicated Marketing Strategist available for consultation.

What is the Value of a Marketing Strategist?

Working with a Marketing Strategist is like having another member of your marketing team.


Any business can benefit from this type of collaboration, whether they have an in-house marketing team member or not.

If you already have an in-house Marketing Director or Manager, they can shift some of their responsibilities to the Marketing Strategist or work together to produce exceptional results.

If you don’t have someone holding a dedicated marketing position, the Marketing Strategist can essentially fill the Marketing Manager role for your company.

In this scenario, strategists would track initiatives and ensure that companies meet their target goals in the same way an in-house Marketing Manager would.

What Does a Marketing Strategist Do?

At Miles IT, the role of a Marketing Strategist can be broken down into four main categories: Consult, Strategize, Implement, and Evaluate.


Our Marketing Strategists provide consultation for both new and existing customers to help them discover the best paths to reach their marketing goals.

With strong industry knowledge and marketing expertise, they explore the best ways for businesses to create competitive advantages, maximize visibility, and generate leads.


As the primary point of contact for many of our long-term marketing clients, the Marketing Strategist defines goals and creates a Vision to Reality (V2R) roadmap for moving forward.

Our V2R roadmaps outline the best path for accomplishing specific initiatives and goals. They include plans to evolve the customer’s marketing, as well as the ideal timing, over the next year and beyond.

Usually, we break the plan down into goals that can be accomplished immediately, at 6 months, at 1 year, and beyond 1 year, but this is flexible based on the timeline that makes sense for the customer.

A strategist’s ability to look at the bigger picture ensures that all marketing efforts work in tandem to achieve the client’s objectives.


Once the strategy has been created, the Marketing Strategist works with other teams to implement the plan.

This may mean collaborating with designers to create branded content, working with developers to add new functionality to an existing website, or strategizing with content writers to create clickable ad copy.


Evaluation is an essential part of any Marketing Strategist’s job.

After implementing tactics, they must analyze results and determine the best next steps.

They can see if specific tactics produced the desired results by reviewing valuable data.

The evaluation process can also help decide whether to modify the strategy or research additional tactics.

At Miles, this is an interactive process; we continually evaluate the performance of our tactics in conjunction with our Marketing Technology team reporting on their success.

We often work with long-term clients and find it especially useful to assess the results of marketing efforts over time.


What Advantages Does a Marketing Strategist Bring to a Business?

One of the main advantages of working with a Marketing Strategist is that they serve as an extension of your marketing team and are backed by an entire team of experts.

Some organizations may hire a single, in-house marketing role.

That one person may be responsible for writing ads, managing content, and updating the website. This puts a lot of strain on one person who may not necessarily have the expertise and knowledge of a larger team.

The benefit of working with a Marketing Strategist is that you have a dedicated point person and access to an entire group of marketing experts.

Your Marketing Strategist is also an advocate for your business.

At Miles, we believe in passionately advocating for what is best for all clients.

We can be flexible and are empowered to help our customers make the right decisions.

Our Marketing Strategists embody this belief wholeheartedly, as they want our clients to do what’s right for their business and future.

Should I Work with an outside Marketing Strategist?

The benefit of working with a Miles IT Marketing Strategist is that they draw on knowledge from a pool of experts in addition to being an expert themselves.

On the other hand, if you hired an in-house marketing manager, they would likely have to complete all of the marketing work themselves.

We can augment your internal staff or serve as your complete team depending on your needs.

Working with a Marketing Strategist also enables you to keep your brand and tactics centered and consistent.

If you currently have one partner helping with your website, another creating blogs, and another optimizing ads, it may be challenging to keep everyone on the same page.

As a full-service marketing agency, we provide all of these services and more while ensuring your company’s marketing efforts align with your larger goals.

Working with a Marketing Strategist helps you gain a bird’s eye view of your marketing efforts and develop a cohesive, actionable strategy.

What is the difference between a Marketing Strategist and a Marketing Manager?

Usually, a Marketing Manager is an in-house position, whereas a Marketing Strategist may work at a marketing agency and assist different clients.

Other marketing agencies may use different job titles for these roles, like Marketing Director, Marketing Specialist, or Brand Specialist.

A Marketing Strategist differs from a Brand Specialist because they take a more holistic approach when it comes to your marketing. They do not just focus on your brand and identity, but also help with your website, ads, SEO, and more.

A Brand Specialist may concentrate more on your unique brand instead of each of your marketing tools and platforms.


A Marketing Strategist can help you organize your marketing efforts and plan a clear path to achieve your goals.

With their organizational skills and defined vision, you don’t have to worry about siloed marketing tactics or an incomplete strategy.

Instead, you can ensure that your business is always looking to the future and taking advantage of new ways to reach your target audience.

Most importantly, you can align your marketing strategy around your business goals and focus on the efforts that yield proven results.

Meet Laura Ferruggia

Laura Ferruggia

Laura joined Miles IT in 2014, and in her current role of Marketing Strategy Director, she leads and supports our amazing and multi-talented team in providing high-quality consulting and services. With experience spanning from content writing to web development and paid advertising over 9+ years, Laura is equipped to take a holistic approach when discussing marketing and website solutions with businesses.

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