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Create content that engages your audience

Work with a dedicated team of marketing experts to strategize, create, and distribute branded content.

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Get in front of the right people

Be seen wherever your ideal customers are.


Build a strategy around your brand, goals, and audience.


Craft custom branded assets that engage and inform.


Place your content where consumers will take notice.

Do you have a new product or service you want your customer base to know about? Are you looking to increase your influence within your industry?


Allow our experts to work with you and create an email campaign that puts your latest company updates out there. Encourage your customers to engage with your business in thoughtful and exciting new ways.


Take advantage of cold email marketing and amplify your email presence.

Types of content we create

Blog Posts

Increase organic traffic and search exposure.

White Papers

Demonstrate your brand’s expertise in depth.


Provide detailed insight and visual storytelling.


Compile lists and create automated workflows.

Case Studies

Show off your previous work examples.


Combine creative writing with branded imagery.

Website Copy

Create compelling and informational web pages.

The Value Of Content Marketing


of online marketers describe content creation as their most effective SEO tactic


less costly than outbound marketing and produces 3x as many leads


more cost-effective (on average) to use content marketing vs. a paid search

financial consulting


See how professionally written content can give your marketing a huge boost

Well-written content can help you stand out in your industry and position your business as a thought leader. See how our team helped this client create, publish, and share high-quality content that is relevant to their audience.

Expand your social media presence

Build Customer Loyalty

Social media engagement allows you to develop connections with customers, building trust and loyalty.

Become a Household Name

At least in your target market! When people engage and share, they spread your content — and your name.

Support Other Goals

Building an engaged social media audience gives you an advantage for achieving other business goals.

How a strong social strategy helps your business

Years of Experience
Leads Generated Annually
Marketing Certifications
  • Build a Trustworthy Brand


    Promote your business without actively promoting your business. Provide users with valuable content that shows how your business is invested in them, their satisfaction, and their success.

  • Social Proof


    Customers trust other customers. Over 90% of people read reviews and 80% trust them as much as they trust their friends’ recommendations. Use social media as a friendly, informal way to encourage sharing.

  • Improved Advertising


    Success depends on satisfied users, so social networks target ads toward people who want to see them and are more likely to make a purchase.

  • Brand Ambassadors


    People love sharing their experiences. Create positive experiences and express your interest in hearing about them to turn happy customers into your best ambassadors.

  • A Loyal Following


    Your followers are more than just a number. Every engaged follower is a customer who looks forward to seeing your company’s content. Leverage this to maximize the success of launches, sales, and promotions.

Anatomy of a successful social strategy

Customers want to do business with brands they trust. A good social strategy creates a memorable brand, builds customer loyalty, and establishes strong social proof. Our marketing team is prepared to help your business make this happen. Ultimately, it brings in more customers, brand endorsement, and revenue.

How to build a social strategy that works:

Stage I – Set goals

What are your business goals? We identify how social media aligns with and helps you achieve them.

Stage II – Define your audience

Next, we study your customers. Who’s on social, which platforms, and what do they want to see?

Stage III – Plan content

We create high quality content and a set schedule specifically designed for your target audience.

Stage IV – Engage and measure

We look at what your audience is responding the best to, and use it to inform future content.


Raving Fans

We are not satisfied if you are just satisfied. We want you to be a
Raving Fan as a result of providing the absolute best service!

Lori Martinez

star rating icons
Google Icon2 years ago

My company has an account with Miles IT. Whenever we run into an “IT” issue, they are right on it and have very knowledgeable staff to fix all our issues. I love that they are so quick to respond, especially for remote work. Their responsiveness makes all the difference.

Cheyenne Alvis

star rating icons
Google Icon2 years ago

an absolutely Fabulous company to deal with. The analysts are experts at their craft. Fast, concise, professional and extremely reliable. I consider them in high value and recommended regard. Thank you again to the entire team at Miles.

Anthony Scialabba

star rating icons
Google Icon2 years ago

We have worked with Miles IT for years. I have found its employees to be responsive, courteous and generally knowledgeable.


  • Why should I invest in content marketing?


    Writing good web copy about your products or services is not enough (although it is important.) You need to create content that answers your audience’s questions and explains how your products or services solve their problems. This means you not only have to create high-quality content; you also have to make sure the people asking the questions can find it. A well-developed content marketing plan is the best way to stand out among other businesses that provide similar services or products.

  • What kind of results can I expect with content marketing?


    As we get to know you and discuss your business goals, we will create a custom content marketing plan that aligns with your goals. Generally speaking, our customers have experienced a higher volume of qualified leads, increased page rankings, stronger social media engagement, better customer retention, and more brand mentions.

  • What is the best form of content to engage people?


    Blog posts, long-form guides, infographics, and videos all have their place in a content marketing strategy. While an infographic or blog post might be best for the top of the sales funnel, a case study or webinar will work better as the customer moves into the consideration stage. It depends on your target audience, the length of your sales cycle, and what your customers respond to. This is why it’s so important to establish buyer personas, as you will likely need to utilize a wide variety of content types and channels to reach your target audience.

  • How will you promote our content?


    The beauty of creating high-quality content is that there are so many channels on which you can share it. Between social media, email, PPC, guest blog posts, and more, we create the content your target audience wants to see for the platforms they want to see it on. As we distribute and promote your content, we measure its performance to ensure your audience is tuned in and engaged, making adjustments as necessary for optimal engagement.

  • What can social media advertising do for my business?


    This one’s hard to answer in an FAQ section because the benefits are virtually endless! As times have changed, social media platforms have adapted, creating an environment that benefits both advertisers and customers. So, in addition to the more intangible aspects of social media, like brand awareness and building a loyal customer base, the right strategy will ensure your ads are going to get in front of the right audience. The success of any social network hinges on its ability to keep consumers on the platform. Because of this, social networks make sure the audiences seeing your ads actually want to see your ad, meaning the impressions it gets are making an impact.

  • Can YouTube be part of my social media strategy?


    Yes! YouTube behaves like a search engine, and it’s the second most trafficked site online, just after Google. This means that, if your company can provide video content, YouTube is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Helpful content, like how-to or explainer videos, are particularly beneficial, as they’re heavily searched for and often show up in Google’s video search results. While the idea of adding video can sound intimidating, once you get started with video, you’ll be glad you did!

  • What is social proof and how does it work?


    While the psychological phenomenon wasn’t documented until 1984, “social proof” has been a hallmark of advertising since its inception. Even early adverts used text testimonials to convince customers that everyone was using their product. If everyone else loves it, chances are you will too. With the advent of social media, you can do a lot more than add a testimonial to your ads. We’re living in an age where companies have launched brands with the right social media strategy. When you use the right social strategies for your business, you can leverage the happiness of previous customers to generate new ones.

  • Why should I hire a social media agency?


    The relative newness of social media marketing makes it exciting, but also more time consuming, as trends change rapidly and strategies evolve. A common misconception is that social media marketing is similar to personal social media use. However, your personal social media accounts probably aren’t intended to amass a large following, get you recognized on the street, or increase your income. The truth is that social media marketing requires planning, studying data, and staying on top of constantly changing trends. It’s less about sharing fun life experiences and more about building a recognizable presence for your business, one that will increase your profit margins, brand recognition, and customer loyalty.

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