Miles IT Passes Bishop Fox Web Application Security Assessment

John Horner
October 6, 2022
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Miles IT’ software development platform has passed the Bishop Fox Security-  Application Penetration Testing Assessment.  This assessment is essential to us and the organizations that we support. Application security is crucial because today’s applications are available on various networks or cloud services.  This increases the potential vulnerabilities to security threats.   

Bishop Fox is a well-established cyber security organization that performs application penetration testing to identify security vulnerabilities. They accomplish this through a combination of automated vulnerability scanning and manual penetration testing techniques to attempt to locate attack vectors and simulate real-world exploitation rapidly.  

In March 2022, Bishop Fox assessed Miles IT’ “Head Start Framework” (aka Breckenridge). The Miles Head Start Framework (HSF) is the basis for nearly all new custom software development solutions developed by Miles IT. The HSF framework includes the basis for users, permissions, data capture, and coding standards.   The assessment included scans with the automated tools, followed by manual confirmation of the results by security experts at Bishop Fox. After the automated scanning, the security experts attempted to manually exploit any implementation errors or business logic to gain access to the application, such as sensitive information.  

The assessment results demonstrated that Miles IT’ software development platform had passed with no significant security vulnerabilities. Bishop Fox did provide two suggestions for low-risk minor enhancements that would further secure the HSF.  These suggestions have been implemented in the HSF and rolled out to all supported customers. 

It was important for us to perform this testing through Bishop Fox to ensure that organizations who work with us know that our platform is a highly secure application and that we are following best security practices as part of our software development projects.  The positive results provide peace of mind to our customers and us because it lets us know that the systems we develop at Miles IT using our Head Start Framework are secure and do not put our customers at risk.

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