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Early intervention provider improves data visibility by 97% with process automation

Miles IT helped Sunny Days implement an improved process and scalable solution through Power Automate to increase productivity and eliminate repetitive manual tasks.

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Developmental intervention and therapy services

Sunny Days is an early intervention provider serving children with developmental needs from birth to three years old. Sunny Days provides a full range of services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychological services, and Special Instruction services.


Improve process efficiency by automating manual tasks

Sunny Days aimed to improve the efficiency and productivity of its revenue recognition processes by automating manual tasks. 


The goal was to identify repetitive tasks suitable for automation and implement Power Automate as an RPA solution. 


The initial phase would focus on specific processes, and success in these areas would lead to expanding automation to other parts of the organization.


Identifying and configuring processes for automation

Miles IT utilized a systematic approach to identify and automate the top-priority processes.

Assess Processes & Systems

The initial phase involved analyzing the existing business processes and systems to understand the volume, frequency, and pain points of each process.

Identify Processes for Automation

Based on this analysis, the most suitable processes for automation were selected, considering their impact and complexity.

Develop, Test & Deploy the Solution

Our team then defined and developed the triggers, actions, and conditions in Power Automate necessary to implement the workflow. The solution was then tested and successfully deployed.


Revenue recognition processes that were automated

Sunny Days had two main revenue recognition processes that required automation: Delaware State – Revenue recognition for Central Reach and Revenue recognition for ProviderSoft.


Both processes involved manual steps, data gathering, calculations, and journal entry imports into NetSuite.


  • Delaware State – Revenue recognition for Central Reach


    In the current manual process, Sunny Days finance department employees had to log into Central Reach, navigate through multiple steps, set filters, and manually collect revenue data for specific service codes related to Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy. After collecting the data, additional calculations for contractual allowances were performed and multiple journal entries in NetSuite were created.


  • Revenue recognition for ProviderSoft


    The original process involved manually logging into ProviderSoft, exporting data to Excel, importing it into Sunny Days Finance Access Program, addressing penny rounding discrepancies, and finally importing the data as a journal entry into NetSuite



The power of process automation

Beyond saving time for their team, Sunny Days also increased data availability and enabled informed decision-making.


core automated business processes


total manual steps eliminated


increase in data visibility


Increased efficiency, productivity & scalability


The implementation of Power Automate brought several benefits and positive outcomes to Sunny Days.

Improved Efficiency

Power Automate reduced the time and effort required for data gathering, calculations, and journal entry imports. Automated processes enabled faster turnaround times and eliminated repetitive manual tasks.


Time Savings

By automating repetitive tasks, Sunny Days achieved time savings for its finance department employees. They could redirect their efforts toward higher-value activities, such as financial analysis and decision-making.



The successful implementation of Power Automate for revenue recognition processes demonstrated the scalability of the solution. Sunny Days could expand automation to other areas within the organization, further improving operational efficiency.


Improved Timeliness and Throughput

The automation allows for the revenue recognition processes to be performed on a daily basis, instead of monthly or quarterly, which allows Sunny Days to handle a higher volume of data efficiently. Automation led to a significant reduction in the time taken to complete these processes.


Enhanced Financial Forecasting

The transition from performing manual revenue recognition processes on a monthly or quarterly basis to daily automated processes allowed Sunny Days to access more up-to-date and accurate financial data. This, in turn, improved its ability to forecast revenue, manage budgets, and make data-driven decisions.


Process Standardization

The implementation of Power Automate brought consistency and standardization to Sunny Days’ revenue recognition processes. Automation ensured that each step was performed in a uniform manner, reducing variations and increasing process efficiency.


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Opportunities for future innovation

The implementation of Power Automate at Sunny Days proved to be a successful endeavor, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced errors, time savings, and scalability. By automating repetitive and manual tasks, Sunny Days optimized its business processes and enhanced overall productivity. The success of Power Automate implementation opens up opportunities for further automation in various areas of the organization, driving future growth and success.


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