Enterprise File Synchronization & Sharing

Dan Carpenter
April 19, 2017
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What You Need to Know About EFSS

Increase your company’s productivity and collaboration with an enterprise file sharing solution!With a growing necessity to have information in the here and now, Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) has shifted from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have for all companies. While many have already implemented some sort of file sharing system, using the right one can drastically improve your company’s communications and productivity. According to Gartner, a leader in information technology research, “70% of Box and Dropbox-like companies will be out of business in 2 years.” This will most likely be due to large companies buying out the the smaller ones who simply cannot compete with the low pricing of the EFSS giants. So, what exactly should you be looking for when investing in a file sharing system? This blog will help you build a general understanding of what to look for in an EFSS solution. You should, however, consult an expert who can help pair you with the platform that best fits your company’s needs.

Here’s what you need to know:

What Online File Sharing System Will Work Best For You?

When deciding on what system to use, you’ll want to analyze your business’s productivity requirements and compare those needs to the available file sharing solutions. While there are many EFSS solutions, Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, DropBox, Box, Egnyte, and Citrix have all established themselves as quality solutions that are here to stay – and they all come with their own advantages. Google and Microsoft are great for internal enterprise productivity and include their own respective SaaS products (G Suite and Microsoft 365) as a part of their collaborative design. On the other hand, DropBox, Box, Egnyte, and Citrix have all been designed from the ground up as enterprise sharing solutions and add additional layers of security when sharing files with customers or other partners.

So ultimately, which file sharing solution should you choose?

The one that is most tightly aligned with your company’s productivity and file sharing needs. Again, you should evaluate what features your business truly needs and consider consulting an IT expert to ensure the service you choose matches your requirements.

What EFSS Features Should You Be Paying For?

Over the past decade EFSS solutions have become very cheap with costs averaging anywhere from $5 to $20+ per employee – the cheaper plans are intended for smaller businesses, while the larger plans allow for 100+ employee accounts and greater options for collaboration and security. This is where you really need to decide what features your company must have (account management, productivity tools, file security).

If your main purpose for having an EFSS is for internal collaboration and productivity, Google and Microsoft tout their SaaS productivity tools (Google Apps and Microsoft 365) as a part of their EFSS solution.

If file security is a primary concern for your business processes, options like Egnyte and Citrix allow for encrypted file transfers. This is great for adding additional layers of security especially if you’re sharing customer information or private business data with a partner.

For those concerned about having quality features for both productivity and security, most EFSS systems now offer 3rd party integration. This means with the help of an IT specialist, you can have the platform security features you want along with the productivity tools you need.

Choosing the Best Enterprise File Solution

Microsoft would have been the easy answer as an all-in-one EFSS solution 10 years ago, when their file format was the expected standard. Now, however, the choice has been made more complicated.

Google has made great strides for compatibility with all common file standards (docx, pdf, xlsx, etc.) and has led the charge on internal productivity tools with their Google App services like Docs, Drive, Gmail, Sheets, Slides, Sites, and more. Other platforms like Egnyte, Citrix, and DropBox can now integrate with Google and Microsoft’s productivity tools while providing more options for keeping files and accounts secure. These platforms also offer hybrid solutions for file storage, rather than just restricting you to the cloud.

So, where do you begin? Your best option is to hire an expert to help identify the right solution. With the help of a quality IT provider, you’ll gain a better understanding of what features your business really needs and the EFSS solution that will give you results.

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