What is the value of working with a Software Consultant?

John Horner
June 9, 2023
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When you’re fully immersed in the daily tasks and processes associated with running your business, it can be difficult to identify areas of improvement and the steps to get there.

Yet, advancing your organization and taking advantage of innovative technologies is critical to keep your business ahead of competitors.

If you’re wondering how to streamline your business operations, consider working with a Software Consultant, who can analyze your current procedures and provide specific recommendations for improvement.

Keep reading to learn more about a Software Consultant’s expertise, responsibilities, and how they can benefit your business.

What is a Software Consultant?

A Software Consultant is a business technology expert who works with organizations to understand their needs, challenges, and opportunities & identify how software technologies can help.

They understand a variety of businesses, industries, and trends, along with how today’s solutions can significantly enhance company operations.

Typically, a Software Consultant primarily concentrates on understanding business processes so they can help make improvements and optimizations.

They leverage their deep expertise in both business and technology in every interaction to provide the best possible solutions for clients.

What roles and responsibilities does a Software Consultant have?

The most significant responsibility that a Software Consultant undertakes is creating opportunities for businesses to build a competitive advantage.

They aim to improve organizational workflows and foster growth through the careful selection of software technologies.

When it comes to creating and implementing solutions, Software Consultants prioritize business value, which may come through improved productivity, performance, reliability, and security.

Depending on the client’s needs, they can provide both one-time consulting to solve a specific challenge or long-term consulting to identify and create roadmaps over a longer period.

Other tasks a Software Consultant is responsible for include:

  • Building strategies where software technology can add value
  • Providing high-level solutions to business challenges or opportunities
  • Organizing and outlining changes to software infrastructure
  • Researching and monitoring changes or trends in relevant markets & industries
  • Directing and guiding other IT staff members

One important note is that a CIO is often responsible for software strategy inside of a business.

Software Consultants can work in tandem with CIOs to provide supplementary, informed recommendations and guidance regarding the best software solutions.

What is the value of a Software Consultant?

Software Consultants leverage their in-depth understanding of business and technology to provide valuable recommendations and actionable solutions to clients.

They recognize a business’ core operations, value, and ROI, then share strategies for using software technologies to accomplish key initiatives.

With this high-level perspective, they help business owners view their organization more broadly and apply impactful solutions that positively influence core tasks and the organization’s technology footprint.

What does a Software Consultant do?

At Miles IT, our Software Consultants provide proactive consultation, share proven strategies for improvement, and implement chosen solutions for maximum impact and ROI.


From the beginning, our Software Consultants work to understand how clients’ businesses operate and identify opportunities for improvement.

These opportunities can include software development, whether through platform development, web portal development, or mobile app development; software automation; and business intelligence & reporting.

Generally, Software Consultants focus on how a business can surpass the competition and adapt to the changing market.

They also provide guidance surrounding business process improvements, such as where technology can improve productivity, efficiency, and collaboration among different stakeholders.


Next, a Software Consultant develops a clear strategy and determines the best path forward for their clients.

After understanding key aspects of the organization and its current operations, they work with the client to determine their future aspirations and priorities.

From there, they consider how innovative technology solutions can best be used to accomplish their business goals.

At Miles IT, we call this Vision to Reality Planning, where we define the client’s primary vision for their business and create a roadmap to turn it into reality.


A Software Consultant’s role doesn’t end with creating a strategy; they work to see the plan through to completion.

After building the roadmap, Software Consultants identify the most suitable technologies and resources to accomplish the overall objective.

Finally, Software Consultants collaborate with the right team members to ensure technologies are implemented quickly and correctly.

Software consultant overview

What advantages does a Software Consultant bring to a business?

One advantage of working with a Software Consultant is that they offer a unique outside perspective based on their experiences working with many different businesses, industries, and technologies.

Software Consultants understand not only how software is being used in one industry but in a variety of industries.

They apply lessons learned from working in other verticals to your business to help drive success.

This type of knowledge is significant because disparate industries, such as healthcare and manufacturing, might not typically collaborate and share ideas. However, innovative solutions and trends transcend industry lines, making it crucial to bridge this gap.

For instance, AI is one popular technology that has surged in popularity in recent months.

Based on their work with other businesses and industries, Software Consultants can help businesses leverage AI to optimize processes and keep operations up-to-date.

Why is having a Software Consultant important?

Working with a Software Consultant is essential to ensure your business remains ahead of the competition.

As your dedicated point person, Software Consultants can help your business expand its reach and keep up with global trends and industry shifts.

In addition, they can also help improve your daily business operations.

With high-quality software solutions, they can simplify key business processes, save time and effort for your team, and provide an excellent experience for your customers.

Why should I work with an outside consultant who doesn’t know my specific business?

Some business owners may wonder why they need an outside consultant to help them advance their organization.

Although business owners do have an in-depth, innate understanding of their own organization and previous successes & failures, an outside consultant has a breadth of experience in regard to business and technology.

Software Consultants can present new points of view based on other business’ experiences.

Their unique role gives them a clear picture of how other organizations use technology and the impacts of those solutions.

Because they haven’t been fully immersed in your daily business processes, they can approach the situation with a fresh perspective, uncover areas of improvement, and pose new questions.

What is the difference between a Software Consultant and a Business Consultant?

At Miles IT, we consider ourselves to be business technology consultants because we focus on businesses and their processes first before determining how technology can help.

Our Software Consultants fall into this category, along with our Client CIOs and Marketing Strategists.

They understand both typical business problems and potential technologies that could help with resolution.

With full immersion in the world of business and technology, Software Consultants are able to observe all types of business solutions and implement them efficiently and effectively for clients.

Most importantly, they believe in only implementing technology where it adds value, which is one of our core company beliefs.

On the other hand, a Business Consultant may have a deep understanding of common business challenges, but may not always know the best solutions for solving them.

Their level of technical expertise may not be as expansive as a Software Consultant’s because of their primary focus on business.

Achieving your business vision

By working with a Software Consultant, you can ensure that your business systems are kept up-to-date and fully support your daily processes.

You can also make work easier for your team members and improve the customer experience.

Most importantly, your business will be able to keep up with and surpass the competition, allowing you to deliver products and services in a manner commensurate with the changing technical landscape.

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John Horner has over 20 years of experience in the software industry. He holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Pennsylvania and has served as an adjunct professor at Drexel University and Temple University. Today, he helps customers understand the root of their business challenges and provides consultation on how to accomplish goals and create new opportunities.

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