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POS Support Consultant


We are looking for team members to join our growing POS team in the NYC metro area, where we specialize in the installation and ongoing maintenance of the LOC SMS POS system and associated hardware.

A person in this position will be engaging with clients and involved in the deployment and support of POS systems. This position will be a combination of work in the field (60-80% of the time) and remote work from home (20-40% of the time).

An ideal candidate will have spent a good amount of time with grocery retailers and understands how they operate. This could come from either working directly for them or supporting their technology. This person enjoys traveling to customer sites, taking personal responsibility for the work to be done, is a tinkerer and enjoys troubleshooting.

A Typical Day as a POS Support Consultant:

  • Installation of the LOC SMS POS system and associated hardware for retailers in the Greater NY area
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of the LOC SMS POS system
  • Consulting and creating POS/store technology solutions for retailers
  • Continuing education to expand knowledge of POS and retailer requirements
  • Documentation of POS systems in use at retailers

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  • POS system implementation/support experience
  • Understanding of computing systems
  • IT system troubleshooting skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills and professionalism
  • Ability to travel to client locations when needed


  • Experience working with POS Systems and equipment
  • Experience with LOC SMS systems
  • Experience working in grocery stores

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